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In the United States

Qudus Onikeku – Q Dance © Cherve Veronese

Qudus Onikeku – Q Dance

PS21: Performance Spaces for the 21st Century
June 2022

QDance Company’s Re:Incarnation will launch PS21’s 2022 season of international contemporary dance, opera, theater and music with the opening night performance on June 3rd, an additional performance on June 4th, and a week-long community-oriented residency.

Qudus Onikeku’s performance Re:Incarnation is a dance, music, fashion and visual arts creation showcasing the depth of ancient Yoruba philosophy as it mingles with current Nigerian youth culture. Choreographed within a highly musical structure combined with an intricate and carefully designed visual aesthetic,  Re:Incarnation is the result of six years of research on body memory undertaken by Onikeku, the members of QDance, and young cultural leaders and dancers of Nigeria, during which they immersed themselves in the creative energy of Lagos. It showcases the depth of the current Nigerian youth culture with its pure and uncompromising joy. At the core of the composition Re:Incarnation is the Yoruba concept of reincarnation and its distinctly cyclical way of perceiving time.

Compagnie Art Move Concept – Soria Rem and Mehdi Ouachek

Artpark & Company, Inc., Levinston,  NY
July 2022

As part of a larger tour, Artpark will present two performances of Anopas by the French hip hop company, Art Move Concept on July 22 and 23.

Soria Rem and Mehdi Ouachek, founders of the company, sign their most personal show with Anopas, a tribute to the artists. They deliver their own anecdotes mixing their Hip-Hop roots with the fluidity of contemporary dance, including the circus arts. Inspired by Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, they share with humor or with melancholy, the difficulties and the joys of the artistic journey.

During their time in the area, the company will also participate in workshops working with Artpark’s Devised Performance Institute, a summer learning institute that brings together cutting edge international companies with participants interested in an intensive study of physical creation.

In the meantime, Art Move Concept, will make its US debut with their latest opus, Anopas, in three New York venues: SummerStage in Central Park (July 13) and PS21 Chatham (July 15).

Crowd, Giselle Vienne © Estelle Hanania

Gisèle Vienne

Dance Downtown LA,  Inc DBA: L.A. Dance ProjectLos Angeles, CA
October 2022

L.A. Dance Project (LADP) with Van Cleef & Arpels will present Gisèle Vienne’s Crowd in a shared bill with LADP’s Artistic Director Benjamin Millepied at its space in Los Angeles in October 2022. Inspired by rave culture, Crowd is a party where community is built and individual stories emerge inside of the group as the dancers, a group of 15, collectively search for moments of euphoria. LADP and Van Cleef & Arpels conceived of the idea to present Crowd in LADP’s outdoor parking lot which is in an industrial area of Los Angeles, a curatorial choice in relation with the gritty feel of Crowd.

Cela nous concerne tous, Miguel Guiterrez © Laurent Philippe

Repertory Works: Miguel Guiterrez / Peter Jacobsson / Thomas Caley
Centre Choréographique National – Ballet de Lorraine Nancy, France  

NYU Skirball, New York
April 2023

Invited by NYU Skirball, New York, the Ballet de Lorraine, from Nancy, will performed two pieces of its repertory: For four Walls by Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley with the music of John Cage performed in live by Vanessa Wagner and This is concern all of us by American choreographer Miguel Gutierrez, as a “clin d’oeil” to the choreographer Merce Cunningham.

A tour is at present in construction.

L’Onde - Compagnie Nacera Belaza

Compagnie Nacera Belaza

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
Contemporary Art Center (CAC), Cincinnati, OH

The Walker Art Center and CAC Cincinnati will present in 2023, the latest work L’Onde by French-Algerian choreographer Nacera Belaza and her company, touring for the first time to the upper Midwest (April 19-23, in Cincinnati as part of CAC This Time Tomorrow Festival, and then April 27-29, 2023, in Minneapolis)

Continuing the journey embarked upon in her preceding pieces, Nacera Belaza explores, with L’Onde, the repetition and the ritual, and raises the question how repetition enable us to connect with the inner self as well as to espouse infinity.

Room with a View
(LA)HORDE – Ballet de Marseille

NYU Skirball
Fall 2023

American Premiere for the collective (LA)HORDE now at the head of the Ballet de Marseille – National Choreographic Center, in Marseille.

In a marble quarry where various machines are in action, cutting and polishing the rock, the electronic musician and producer Rone creates with his music, a sweeping emotional landscape for the 20 dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille – (LA)HORDE.  While sculptors worked with marble to “free the human form inside the block”, the performers dance to escape the stones’ white immobility, rising up to scrutinize the infinitely human contours of impending disaster and envisaging the very possibility of its beauty.

Water and Power
Dimitri Chamblas and Kim Gordon

Los Angeles, CA / Paris, France
Season 2022-2023

In 2018 musician/songwriter/visual artist Kim Gordon and Dimitri Chamblas started a collaboration through a performed duet where both were dancers, performers, and musicians, breaking the boundaries using their bodies, the guitars and the microphones. From a mutual desire to continue their collaboration, Water and Power is a show that experiences the relation between dancing bodies and electric guitars on a larger scale for 12 performers.

In France

State of 
Gerard & Kelly

Carré d’Art – Musée d’Art Contemporain Nimes, France
December 2022

Gerard & Kelly’s performance State of will be presented as part of in a larger exhibition of the duo that will run from fall 2022 to spring 2023 at the contemporary art center, Carré d’Art, in Nimes.

State of floats the question of American identity through various citations and transformations of the U.S. flag and the national anthem. Moving on and off the pole; boosting, raising and resting the flag; and singing and re-singing the national anthem, three dancers interrogate symbols of nationalism, emptying them of their violence and exploring how they might be reclaimed today. With the collaboration of Rio Uribe of Gypsy Sport for the costume design, State of features FortySmooth — a longtime collaborator with Gerard & Kelly and one of the innovators of subway pole riding, a dance form that emerged from breakdance and hip hop culture in the New York City subways in the 2010s. Also featured in the cast is dancer and musician Quenton Stuckey, who performs under the alias An Only Child.

2021 Grantees

In the United States

July 1961 by Francoise Dô with Roberto Negro (Pianist) and Sylvain Darrifourcq (Percussionist) 
BLEUS ET ARDOISE, Le Lamentin, Martinique, France 


Author and director Françoise Dô will use this research residency to develop a two-woman play, July 1961, based on social and ethnic tensions and inspired by the 1960s civil rights movement in American cities. This theater residency includes two musicians, Roberto Negro and Sylvain Darrifourcq, who will create the musical environment of the play. Partnerships have been initiated with Chicago-based institutions such as the France-Chicago Center at The University of Chicago and the Court Theater. The theater production is also supported by a network of French regional theaters, including Comédie de St. Etienne. 


PAPERS by Violaine Schwartz (author) and Marion Schoevaert (director) 
In Parentheses, Inc., New York, NY

Spring-Summer 2022

First-time French writer presented in the U.S., Violaine Schwartz will work together with French American Theater Director Marion Schoevaert (In Parentheses, Inc.) in New York City, to develop a theatrical adaptation of her work PAPERS (published by P.O.L in France, and soon by Fern Publication with a translation by Christine Gutman.) 

Conceived as a public street theater protest with portrait of refugees projected on buildings, polyphonic stories of refugees, immigration workers, and volunteers will be heard with the participation of New York-based artists from Africa and the Middle East such as Dancer Hussein Smko (Iraq), actress Okwui Okpokwasili (U.S.-Nigeria), musician Layale Chaker (French Lebanese.)  


FA by Amoukanama Circus 
Performance Spaces for the 21c. (PS21), Chatham, NY 

Summer 2022

PS21 will support Circus Amoukanama‘s first-ever engagement in the United States with the performance of FA by spearheading a tour with a network of presenters to offer the company significant visibility. Amoukanama (in the Susu language: “What does not break always persists”) is a young and dynamic circus company founded by Nathalie Vandenabeele (equestrian) and Alseny Sacko (acrobat) whose members grew up in Conakry, Guinea, originally choosing the circus as a means of survival. They collaborated with the multidisciplinary artist and director Anthony Weiss for the production of FA.  

Free workshops and performances by the Amoukanama circus will be organized for Chatham/Hudson public schools and young audiences during this 10-day residency. 


Performances by Daniely Francisque/Guy Regis Junior and Felwine Sarr/Étienne Minoungou 
Princeton University – Seuls en scène Festival, Princeton, NJ 

September 2021 (postponed to September 2022)

Etienne Minoungou in Traces, by Felwine Sarr

The Seuls en Scène festival at Princeton University will present Traces by author-scholar Felwine Sarr (Senegal) with actor Etienne Minoungou (Burkina Faso) and Moi, Fardeau Inherent by Guy Regis Jr. (Haiti), performed by Daniely Francisque (Martinique).  

Written by author and scholar Felwine Sarr and performed solo by Burkinabe actor Étienne Minoungou,  Traces, speech to African Nations is a lyrical text that looks at the history of the African continent and points purposefully toward its future. Felwine Sarr is also renowned for his research report on the possibilities of restituting objects of African cultural heritage from collections in France to their countries of origin. He wrote this text as a vast odyssey, a metaphorical journey towards a luminous engagement: his continent looking at itself and at the world, in service of the future of its youth. 

Written by Haitian playwright Guy Regis Jr, Moi, Fardeau Inhérent denounces sexual violence and harassment towards women. Daniely Francisque, herself a playwright and director, will perform the work. 


It’s not here, it’s over here by Compagnie Galmae 
Rochester Fringe Festival, Inc., Rochester, NY 

Summer 2021

It's not here, it's over there by Juhyung Lee-Compagnie Galmae

As part of the U.S. premiere tour of the interactive, collective show It’s not here, it’s over here (C’est pas là, c’est par là), by French company Galmae, the work will be presented in a free outdoor show in a large public space in the heart of downtown Rochester. “It’s not here, it’s over here” was created under the artistic direction of Juhyung Lee, inspired by his own feelings during a rally in Seoul.  


The HOME Experiment by Hand2Mouth, Portland, OR, and Begat Theater, France 

Summer 2022

The HOME Experiment (Phase 2) is a theater collaboration between Portland-based company, Hand2Mouth with France’s acclaimed, Begat Theater. After the writing development in 2020 (phase I), the site-specific public presentation, an outdoor walking performance, will take place in Portland, Oregon, during summer 2022.  

The HOME Experiment crafts a fictional dystopia out of an urban lived-in landscape following a catastrophe. It explores new ways of survival and resilience that performers lead the audience to discover.  The production involves groups of young adults hired in collaboration with the homeless service provider, Outside In as well as public advocates, and service workers.  


Quake by Kaneza Schaal (director), Guy Regis Jr. (author) 
c/o The Field, Brooklyn, NY 

Fall 2021

Quake is a procession performance based on When the Whole World Quakes by Haitian playwright Guy Regis Jr. The theatrical work is a liturgy for loss and the failings of the state to function in times of crisis. In the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Quake uses a poetic and allegorical script providing a lens through which to consider our current global crisis and its ongoing death toll.   Quake will be performed in four specific contexts: the Quatre Chemin Festival in Port-au-Prince, Haiti; the Abrons Arts Center in New York City; The Genocide Memorial Amphitheater in Kigali, Rwanda; and a location (to be determined) in France.  

In Haiti, Kaneza Schaal and Guy Regis Jr. will work with a collective of musicians in Jacmel, and a group of formerly incarcerated women performers in Port-au-Prince providing a unique opportunity to premiere a project anchored by the culture, questions, needs, and technology of its own local context.  


Who Killed My Father by Edouard Louis and Thomas Ostermeier
St. Ann’s Warehouse, Inc., Brooklyn, NY 

February 2022

Edouard Louis, in Who killed my father, Photo by Jean-Louis Hernandez

In 2022, St. Ann’s Warehouse will present the American Premiere of Edouard Louis’s personal memoir Who Killed My Father, a solo performance by Louis in French, with English surtitles, directed by Schaubühne Berlin’s Thomas Ostermeier.  

Who Killed My Father confronts the poverty and classism that contributed to Louis’s father’s premature death. Juxtaposing his working-class upbringing with his now privileged life, Louis presents a searing social critique about the brutality waged against workers and a declaration of love to a person who won’t accept it. 


BOUCAN by Cirk biZ’arT 
Presidio Theatre, San Francisco, CA 

Spring 2022 

BOUCAN, by Cirk BizArt

BOUCAN is a comedic re-imagining of Samuel Becket’s Waiting for Godot in Cirk biZ’arT’s signature, highly physical, contemporary circus style. Without any dialogue, “BOUCAN” features four circus artists who attempt to reconstruct the series of events that unfolded the night before while they clean up after a wild party. Live musical accompaniment is provided by a beat-boxer.  


Anywhere by Théâtre de l’Entrouvert – Elise Vigneron and Helene Barreau 
HERE Art Center, New York, NY 

Spring 2022 

Anywhere by Elise Vigneron, Théâtre de l’Entrouvert, with Elise Vigneron and Hélène Barreau. Théâtre des Bernardines, Marseille, 2016. Photo by Vincent Beaume

Théâtre de l’Entrouvert will present Anywhere as part of its Dream Music Puppetry Program at HERE’s flexible 99-150-seat Mainstage space in lower Manhattan, in May 2022. Conceived and directed by Elise Vigneron and Helene Barreau, and freely inspired by the novel Oedipus on the Road by Henry Bauchau, Anywhere evokes the long wandering of Oedipus accompanied by his daughter Antigone. The fallen Oedipus appears in the form of an ice puppet that gradually turns into water then into mist and disappears in the Erynian Forest, the place of clairvoyance.  


Moby Dick by Yngvild Aspeli – Compagnie Plexus Polaire 
Spoleto Festival USA, Charleston, SC 

May-June 2022 

Moby Dick, by Yngvild Aspeli

Spoleto Festival USA plans to present six performances of Moby Dick, a new creation by French-Norwegian puppeteer Yngvild Aspeli. The work is based on the Herman Melville novel and uses live actors, puppets, lighting and music to create a world of beauty that is as haunting as the novel itself. Moby Dick will be presented as part of Spoleto USA festival 2022, the first full festival in three years after the Covid-19 cancellation of the 2020 festival and the much-diminished festival in 2021. 


Farm Fatale by Philippe Quesne – Vivarium Studio 
PS21, New York, NY 

May 2022 

Farm Fatale, Philippe Quesne, picture by Martin Argyroglo

 PS21 will present Farm Fatale by director and stage designer Philippe Quesne, end of May 2022 as the centerpiece of PS21/Chatham Pathways: Blazing a Trail for a Sustainable Future, a multi-disciplinary public performance initiative originally launched in 2019 and scheduled to take place over 3 months in 2022.  

Farm Fatale will introduce audiences and participants to new European theatre in a rural, pristine environment – both the work and the environment are of specific and poignant relevance to the most pressing issues of today’s world.  

The presentation of Farm Fatale is part of a North American Tour in construction.  


In France 

A Hunger Artist by Sinking Ship Productions 
c/o The Tank, New York, NY 

September 2021 

Sinking Ship, a company by performer Jonathan Levin, playwright Josh Luxemberg, and director Joshua William Gelb, has been invited to bring the award-winning work A Hunger Artist to the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionettes in Charleville-Mézières, France in Fall 2021. For Sinking Ship’s first presentation in France, the play will be translated into French. 

A man sits alone in a cage, starving himself for your entertainment. This darkly comedic, visually striking adaptation of the Franz Kafka short story uses physical theater, Victorian miniatures, puppetry and a set of simple props to support a powerhouse solo performance. 


2020 Grantees

Artists & Projects in the U.S.

New work – Emmanuelle Huynh and Jocelyn Cottencin
Diverse Works, Houston TX

DiverseWorks is commissioning a new work by choreographer Emmanuelle Huynh and video-maker Jocelyn Cottencin. It will be developed through two on-site residencies in 2021 and then presented to the public. After New York and many other cities, as part of the series Portraits de Ville initiated by Huynh and Cottencin, both artists will observe and view urban territories of the city of Houston through gesture, movement, history and local architecture as well as through the stories of the inhabitants of Houston.

Put your heart under your feet …and walk
by Steven Cohen
FIAF – French Institute Alliance Française

Born out of the devastating loss of Elu, his partner and collaborator of over twenty years, is Steven Cohen’s farewell ceremony, Put your heart under your feet …and walk. Through intricate staging, the artist journeys through grief, developing his own form of mourning in which he inscribes the memory of his departed love on his own flesh. This provocative piece pushes the limits on how art can render death and loss tangible.


And so you see … our honorable blue sky and ever enduring sun… can only be consumed slice by slice… – Robyn Orlin
New York Live Arts, New York, NY

Created as a solo performance for Albert Ibokwe Khoza by Robyn Orlin “as a requiem for humanity,” the work And so you see … our honourable blue sky and ever enduring sun… can only be consumed slice by slice … is a suggestive metamorphosis of Khoza’s hybrid and playful body, caught somewhere between sin, decadence, and brilliance. Presented by New York Live Arts, it will be the first presentation of Robyn Orlin’s work in New York.

Näss by Compagnie Massala – Fouad Boussouf
US Tour
The Joyce Theater, New York, NY and Global Arts Live at Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Boston, MA

The Joyce Theater, New York, will present the United States debut of Compagnie Massala, featuring Näss (People), an original work for seven dancers, by Moroccan-born choreographer Fouad Boussouf over six performances. The company will then go to the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Boston, presented by Global Arts Live, with two performances.

Inspired by the regional dances of Morocco — taskiwine and regada — as well as the mysticism of the Gnawa tradition, Näss explores contradictory physical states and affirms the fusion between the popular and urban aspects of hip hop by tracing their evolution up to the present day and using the rhythm that unites and moves bodies as language.



Crowd by Gisèle Vienne
Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, NY

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) will present the U.S. premiere of Crowd by French choreographer and director Gisèle Vienne as part of Next Wave. Vienne’s dance piece is inspired by the Berlin club scene, exploring rave culture, community and conflict. Set to pulsing techno music, this rave takes place on a dirt- covered stage inhabited by fifteen young dancers in search of ecstatic moment through solo and group moments.

Me Too, Galatae by Pol Pi
The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, NY


With his new piece Me Too, Galatae, Brazilian-born choreographer Pol Pi reminds us of the symbolic violence contained in Ovid’s fable. Behind the artist’s attachment to his work (ref. Pygmalion), the passivity of Galatea is astonishing. At a time when the most retrograde thoughts are openly expressed in Brazil, Galatea serves as the starting point for a reflection on the idealization and formatting of the female body by the patriarchal gaze.

Wakatt by Serge Aimé Coulibaly / Faso Danse Théâtre
NYU Skirball, New York, NY

Burkinabé choreographer Serge Aimé Coulibaly will bring the North American Premiere of his latest production, Wakatt, to NYU Skirball planned during Spring 2021, as part of the movement series “Skirball Moves”.

Performed by ten dancers and accompanied by three multi-instrumentalist musicians, including composer “Magic Malik” Mezzadri, Coulibaly’s new piece Wakatt represents ‘our time’ and shows a struggle of bodies moving together for a common, open, and generous future.

Moving Alter-natives by Anne Collod
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

Where is the line between cultural appropriation and celebration? How has the blurriness between these two concepts affected the legacy of American modern dance? The U.S. premiere of Anne Collod’s new work, Moving alter-natives faithfully reprises solo and group pieces by choreographers Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn, key precursors of American modern dance. Through contemporary lenses of gender, post-colonialism, and cultural appropriation, and with a culturally and artistically diverse cast of international performers that includes Shantala Shivalingappa, Pol Pi, and Ghislaine Gau, Moving alter-natives examines multiple aspects of otherness embedded in the work of these dance icons.

Residence of Boris Charmatz and performance of A Bras Le Corps
Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center, Asheville, NC

In summer 2021, renowned dancer and choreographer Boris Charmatz will visit North Carolina for a week-long research trip at the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center in Asheville. He will explore the archives of the experimental college (1933-1957) as well as the American Dance Festival in Durham and assess the two sites for a 2022 production. At each venue, Charmatz will be joined by his longtime collaborator Dimitri Chamblas, now the Dean of the School of Dance at CalArts, CA, to perform their famous duet À bras-le-corps.

Artists & Projects in France

New Orleans Fever by Marie Houdin – Compagnie Engrenage[s]

New Orleans Fever is an artistic exchange between France and New Orleans led by French performer and choreographer Marie Houdin. Born from two research trips in New Orleans, the production will include three performers from the New Orleans street dance scene — Rodrick “Scubble” Davis, known as “Scubble, King of Footwork”; Terrylyn Dorsey, known as “Second Line Shorty”; and Jessica Donley, a dancer and instructor – as well as the Fonk Nola Brass Band, a 10-musician French brass band, and French performers.

2019 Grantees

French Artists / Companies in the United States


June 2019

ICA Miami will present The Distance is Nowhere, a performance by French artist Paul Maheke in collaboration with artist Sophie Mallett, presented as part of the museum’s performing arts series ICA PERFORMS on June 6 and 7, 2019. Using sound, text and movement, The Distance is Nowhere explores transitional spaces, distinguishing the sea as a constant, never-ending present, water as subjective matter, and the body and its contained water as pathways to information and knowledge echoing broader socio-political and historical contexts.


September 2019

Somewhere at the beginning, co-choreographed by Germaine Acogny and Mikaël Serre, and performed by Acogny herself, explores through dance the traces of Acogny’s own personal history intertwined with that of Africa. Through the lens of tragedy, and taking the form of a Greek archaic tragedy, Acogny’s movements create a living vessel that connects the sufferings of the past with the present.


September 15-22, 2019

L’Ordre du discours is the title chosen by Michel Foucault for his inaugural lecture given at the Collège de France on December 2, 1970. To give substance to Foucault’s thought and to use theatre to fill the void left by the lack of recording of his lecture, Fanny de Chaillé in collaboration with actor Guillaume Bailliart conceived a performative experiment, Désordre du discours, designed for student-audiences questioning the form of the speech and its inherent contradictions. Because thinking is moving, how does it move when it thinks?


October 2019

New York City Center will present French hip-hop artists from Compagnie Dyptik as part of the 2019 Fall for Dance Festival, marking the company’s United States debut. The company, featuring a cast of seven diverse and virtuosic dancers will perform selections from Dans l’Engrenage, Dyptik co-founder Mehdi Meghari’s multi-layered exploration of “the pleasure of being.


November 2019

Sènsa, a performance conceived by Paul Maheke in collaboration with London-based DJ and music producer Melika Ngome Kolongo Nkisi and New York-based light designer Jonathan González will be presented at Abrons Arts Center during Performa 19. Drawing its title from a Bantu word that translates as “coming to visibility,” Sènsa draws on Maheke’s research into rhythm and images from the cosmologies of the Bantu-Kongo and articulates the complex strains of identity and representation, in particular that of the queer black body.


February-March 2020

Danspace Project has invited Moroccan choreographer Meryem Jazouli as a guest artist for its next Platform February-March 2020. During her time of residence, Danspace Project will present Jazouli’s performances of Folkah! The artist will lead several workshops during her residency.


March 16-22, 2020

The Dance Center of Columbia College will present Nigerian choreographer and performer Qudus Onikeku’s new work, Spirit Child, as part of the Dance Presenting Series’19-20 season. Spirit Child, a solo piece inspired by Ben Okri’s seminal novel The Famished Road, features 1 dancer and 3 musicians, is a co-production of the MC 93,Bobigny, CCN de Créteil, and the Africologne Festival in Germany. It will premiere June 20-21, 2019 at the Africologne Festival.



The organization Culture Mill will host French choreographer Christian Ubl, and two of his collaborators from Compagnie CUBE Dance for a 3 weeks residency in rural North Carolina. The residency will focus on bridging Ubl’s work to institutions, local communities, public schools as well as the local dance professionals through a series of dance workshops, culminating in the realization of 3 “Summer Ball” events. The Summer Ball combines short choreographies inspired by folks dances, line dances and social dances with a contemporary dance vocabulary.


Summer 2020

City Parks Foundation will present the U.S. premiere of To Da Bone by French dance company (La) Horde at the 2020 SummerStage festival, bringing the incredibly raw, fresh, and electric collective on the New York summer stages. The collective’s style illustrates the accessibility and positivity of urban dance cultures as it brings together individuals from all backgrounds.



Engaging questions of human freedom alongside human limitations, if… a memoir, is conceived as a love song written for humanity, seeking to reveal what binds each of us, one to the other. Created by Sue Schroeder, choreographer, Simon Gentry, cinematographer, Christian Meyer, composer, Sarah Turquety, poet, in collaboration with the Dance Artists of Core Dance, the evening-length, immersive physical theater / choreo-poem will premiere in 2020.


Summer 2020

Hydra, a site specific performance conceived by choreographer Yuval Pick seeks to reveal the memory held within a space and its architecture. In the United States, Hydra – first conceived for the Monuments en Mouvement in France – will highlight for its U.S. tour the rich, eclectic and innovative American architecture that is as diverse as its multicultural society. Influenced in his work by various communities, Yuval Pick with Hydra invites the audience to a collective experience which will expand beyond differences and individualities.

American Artists / Companies in France


September 2020

The French director, Clément Cogitore, is emphasizing how our societies be impacted by migration of population and interaction between cultures, as levers for new languages and new worlds. In his version of Rameau’s Opera Ballet, les Indes galantes premiering at the Opera Bastille–Paris, September 2019, he is introducing the underground culture with the collaboration of one of its pioneer, the French hip hop choreographer, Bintou Dembélé. For the production, Bintou Dembélé has invited in the project 30 major French Hip Hopers, Krumpers, Electro, Popping, Voguing dancers together with two prominent African/American dancers whose specific styles are not well developed in France, Lydia Yates and Calvin Hunt.

Grantees 2018

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Lenox, MA
July 18-22, 2018


Jacob’s Pillow Festival will present French hip hop break dance company Art Move Concept with two of their recent creations Exit and Nibiru from July 18 to 22, 2018.

With the ability to transcend traditional moves by mixing contemporary dance with circus arts and mime, Art Move Concept led by French hip hop artists Soria Rem and Mehdi Ouachek is a genre-blurring tour de force of movement and motion. They will make their Pillow debut with physically thrilling, emotionally-driven work that showcases intricate technical refinement. Talks and educational activities will be organized with dance communities and audiences to show how hip hop and street dance have been embraced by European artists.

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, OR
New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center, LA
Danspace Project, New York, NY
September 11-October 7, 2018


Algerian-French choreographer Nacera Belaza will have her first major tour in the United States with stops in Portland, New York, and for the first time ever in New Orleans, LA, with a trilogy of works that includes La Nuit (a solo), La Traversée (a trio) and Sur Le Fil (a quartet). The trilogy demonstrates the extreme rigor with which Belaza approaches choreography and time. Her work is relentless yet transcendent for both performers and audiences. Repetitive spinning forms the core of the work and leads viewers on an immersive journey.
Belaza’s performances will be part of major festivals and events: Time Based Art Festival in Portland, Crossing the lines Festival at Danspace Project, New York, and the 300th anniversary of the City of New Orleans, giving a great visibility for this artist.

NYU Skirball Center, New York, NY
September 28-29, 2018


NYU Skirball Center as part of FIAF’s Crossing the Line Festival will present 10,000 Gestures, by choreographer Boris Charmatz in September 2018. A 24-strong ensemble of dancers will execute in succession 10,000 gestures, none repeated, every one unique, over an hour-long performance accompanied by Mozart’s Requiem. Exploring the idea that dance is ephemeral, 10,000 Gestures reinvents the choreographic language in thrilling fashion.

Boris Charmatz is a French choreographer widely celebrated for his experimental approach of contemporary dance, whether it is solely composed of everyday actions or performed by children. He was recently acclaimed at Sadler’s Wells and Tate Modern and was last seen in New York at MoMA in 2013 where he presented Levée des Conflits Extended.

Gibney Dance, New York, NY
January 6-12, 2019


For the 10th edition of American Realness Festival in January 2019, Gibney will present Stychomythia, a collaborative creation between visual artist and set designer Nadia Lauro, and pioneer of contemporary harp Zeena Parkins. Stychomythia will bring together Nadia Lauro’s research on anamorphic carpets and visual illusions, and Zeena Parkins’ work on lace scoring to question perception and the distortion of reality. After a short residency, the two collaborators will invite acclaimed dancers Volmir Cordeiro, Stephen Thompson and Latifa Laabissi to perform on their creation.

Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY
March 18-31, 2019


Abrons Arts Center will present the U.S. premiere of French visual artist and performer Paul Maheke and electronic music composer Nkisi’s performance. As part of Abrons’ multidisciplinary residency program, AIRspace, the two artists will work during a two-week residency on Dr. Fu-Kiau Bunseki’s writing African Cosmologies of the Bantu-Kongo, to explore Bantu-Kongo’s philosophical principles within identity politics. This interdisciplinary work will include a movement-based performance, an immersive multimedia installation of custom designed textile, video, and sculptural objects, serving as the set design for five duets performed by the artists. The performance will then tour to the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and run through March 31.

Maheke’s current research imagines the body as an archive using its waters as pathways to information and knowledge. With a strong dance dimension, this investigation occupy a metaphorical space wherein which the body resonates and echoes with the broader socio-political and historical context.

Spoleto Festival USA, Charleston, SC
May 24-27, 2019


After a three-year U.S. tour for its show What the Day Owes to the Night, Compagnie Hervé Koubi will come for the first time to Spoleto Festival USA in May 2019, to present its recent creation, The Barbarian Nights or the First Dawns of the World. With this new work, Hervé Koubi and his twelve Algerian and Burkina Faso dancers mostly coming from street dance and hip-hop will invite the American audience to explore the mixture of cultures and religions of the Mediterranean basin.

Invisible Dog Art Center, New York, NY
October 25-November 3, 2018


The Invisible Dog Art Center will present the U.S. premiere of Affordable Solution for Better Living, created by visual artist and stage director Théo Mercier and choreographer Steven Michel in fall 2018. Based on some home-assembled furniture of Ikea, this performance will combine objects and a dancer to deconstruct an economy based only on well-doing. This performance will take the body itself as a kit, and the assembly instructions as dance notation.

Théâtre national de Chaillot, Paris
June 2018


Théâtre de Chaillot has invited the company Yaa Samar! Dance Theater for one-month-long residence in Paris for the development of a new work The Keeper. Two French artists will join the creative process and open rehearsals are scheduled at the end of the residence.

Led by New York based choreographer Samar Haddad King, in collaboration with playwright/theater director Amir Nizar Zuabi, and seven dancers, The Keeper explores the deep and complex connection to land as habitat and homeland and engages audiences around the central question of what it means to belong to a place.

Festival ActOral in partnership with DANSEM Festival, Marseille
September 28 and 29, 2018


The international performing arts festival ActOral, Marseille, has invited for the first time in Marseille the New York based choreographer and artist Maria Hassabi with Staged?
With Staged?, Maria Hassabi broadens her conversation on the expectations of viewership, addressing the ways in which dance and the spectacle of performance are presented within the theater space. Using slowness and stillness as technique, the choreography oscillates between dance and sculpture.

Two performances will take place at La Friche Belle en Mai in September 2018 in partnership with L’Officina- Dansem Festival dedicated to artists of the Mediterranean area. Masterclasses will be organized with the artists addressing young emerging local artists.

Grantees 2017

ArtPower at UC San Diego, San Diego, CA

“What The Day Owes to the Night”
by Hervé Koubi

ArtPower at UC San Diego will present “What The Day Owes to the Night” by Hervé Koubi and his dancers in January 2018, a debut in San Diego for the company while it has been touring the United States in 2016 with public and critical acclaim. The stop in San Diego is part of a larger tour in development that will include New York and others cities in the United States.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl1CD-Wo3Z4


“The Roots”
by Kader Attou/Compagnie Accrorap

Celebrity Series of Boston will present “The Roots” by Kader Attou/Compagnie Accrorap in January 2018. “The Roots” is a 90 minute elegiac hip hop work for eleven dancers While the company has already been presented in New York, the performance at the Boch Center Shubert Theater, Boston will be a unique opportunity for Boston audiences to encounter the leading French hip hop company Accrorap.

Kader Attou is also the director of the Choreographic National Center in La Rochelle. For the past 20 years, he has developed a specific dance language from different aesthetics – hip hop, Indian Kathak, contemporary dance – building bridges and creating dialogues beyond and through difference. The stop in Boston is part of a larger tour in development that will include New York, Cleveland and others cities in the United States.


Choregus Production, Tulsa, OK

by Compagnie Kafig – Mourad Merkouzi

Choregus Production will present “Pixel” by Compagnie Kafig – Mourad Merzouki in collaboration with the digital artists Adrien M/Claire B, as part of the third annual Summer Heat International Dance Festival (July 27 –August, 2018), an opportunity for regional audiences to see artists from France never seen in Tulsa, OK.
“Pixel” is created for 11 dancers in a virtual and living visual environment combining poetry and physical achievements through dance.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_Hu57QTqqE


Portland Institute for the Arts, Portland, OR
Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
French Institute Alliance Française, New York, NY

Tour of “Corbeaux”
by Bouchra Ouizguen, Compagnie O

Four contemporary arts centers partnered to bring the performance “Corbeaux” by the French-Moroccan choreographer Bouchra Ouizguen in fall 2017: Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, OH, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Oregon, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, and French Institute Alliance Francaise, New York.

Occuring in public spaces, “Corbeaux” is an intimate, up-close performance of rare intensity interpreted by a group of twenty women. The cast will be composed with dancers from the Compagnie O and local performers. Through “Corbeaux”, Bouchra Ouizguen continues her exploration of society, arts and folk traditions from her home country.


Several Dancers Core aka Core Dance, Decatur, GA

“Human Landscape”
by Germana Civera

Core Dance, based in Atlanta, has commissioned he choreographer Germana Civera to develop a new work entitled “human landscape” with an original score of Didier Aschour, director of the GMEA (Centre de creation musicale) in Albi, France. “Human Landscape” will premiere at B Complex Artists, as part of the annual festival France-Altanta. It will then travel to Houston, Texas. Germana Civera, based in Montpellier, France, is an artist-choreographer of multiple background, working on the question of body, dance and its representation for over twenty years.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbpHod9Y_Ac

Festival d’automne, Paris

“Reusable Parts/Endless Love, Timelining, and P.O.L.E”
by Gerard & Kelly

Festival d’automne in partnership with Le 104, Centre G. Pompidou, Centre national de la Danse, and FIAC (Foire Internationale d’art contemporain) will present in fall 2017, a series of three projects by the American duo Gerard & Kelly (Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly): Reusable Parts/Endless Love, Timelining, and P.O.L.E. The trilogy uses choreography, video and installation to question sexuality and race, historical and personal memory.

P.O.L.E. : https://vimeo.com/181834267
Reusable Parts/Endless Love : https://vimeo.com/33910050
Timelining : https://vimeo.com/193480628

La Place Centre Culturel Hip Hop, Paris

“The Paris Get Down”
by It’s Showtime! Ensemble

A partnership between the new organization La Place, located in Paris and Dancing in the Streets (DIS), Bronx, NY, led by Simon Dove, will bring young performers of the collective It’s ShowTime NY to meet their counterparts as well as French break dancers such as Anne Nguyen and Ryad Fghani will be organized. The partnership is the direct result of Simon Dove, Director, DIS, research trip to Paris in 2016 supported by the FUSED program.
The ensemble It’s Showtime NYC nurture emerging urban dance artists and advocates the value of hip hop culture in New York, nationally and internationally. It is composed of various artists of different urban dance styles: hip hop, breakdance, flex dance, litefeet…


Officina, Marseille

“We wait in the Darkness”
by Rosy Simas

Officina – Atelier marseillais de production will present this fall the native American contemporary choreographer Rosy Simas based in Minneapolis (Seneca Tribe) with her work “We wait in the Darkness”, a work developed in collaboration with the French composer François Richomme.
Rosy Simas’ dances are composed of intentional and sensorial movements, excavated from history, ancestry and culture, specifically based upon native American history. She has toured the United States but has rarely been seen abroad. It will be a French debut for the artist.

video: https://vimeo.com/170706774

Latitudes Contemporaines, Lille

“It’s not a thing”
by Keyon Gaskin

Latitudes contemporaines, Lille, will bring the American performer Keyon Gaskin to its festival in June 2017 with “It’s not a Thing” Gaskin’s work is specifically made for each location and questions contemporary performance and its fragility. A residency time will allow the artist to adapt his concept to the festival and the performances will take place in three different spaces, a Gallery, public space outdoors, and in a theater. The invitation of Keyon Gaskin is the result of the curatorial research trip of Maria-Carmela Mini, Director, Latitudes Contemporaines, in January 2017, supported by the FUSED program.

video : https://vimeo.com/153780585

Grantees 2016

Photo: Autarcie (…) © Philippe Gramard


FIAF-Crossing the Line Festival, New York

For Graphic Cyphers
Autarcie (…)
September 23 – October 1, 2016

French hip hop and break dancer Anne Nguyen makes her U.S. debut at Crossing the Line Festival in fall 2016, a collaboration between French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF), Dancing in the Streets, Gibney Dance Center, Bronx Museum and Times Square Arts Alliance. Crossing the line Festival will present For Graphic Cyphers a collaborative work with Anne Nguyen and local participants in association with Dancing the Streets (September 23-25, 2016). In addition, 4 performances of Anne Nguyen’s work Autarcie (…) for four dancers will be presented at Gibney Dance Center (Sept 29 to October 1st, 2016).

Anne Nguyen founded the Compagnie par Terre in 2005. She has spent the past decade bringing hip-hop—and some of the genre’s most accomplished dancers—to French stages and beyond. Her highly stylized work celebrates the technical excellence and idiosyncratic moves of each dancer as she works to create a new theatrical language from hip-hop forms. Her choreography throws abstracted urban dance into collision with geometry, architecture, and human experience. Currently in residence at Chaillot, Théâtre National de la Danse in Paris, Nguyen is one of France’s most up-and-coming choreographers.


Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz, Los Angeles

Autarcie (…)
October 5 – 6, 2016

After the New York stop, Anne Nguyen will travel to Los Angeles to present her quartet work “Autarcie” at Theatre Raymond Kabbaz, Los Angeles. In addition, a collaborative work will be developed with a hip hop local company. Workshops will also be organized with students.


Photo: Marching Band Project © Eric Garault


MC 93, Maison de la Culture de Bobigny

Marching Band Project
September 2016 – May 2017

Marching Band Project is a multidisciplinary work between France and the U.S. led by Frédéric Nauczyciel, visual artist based in Paris and Marquis Revlon, choreographer-legendary voguer based in Baltimore. It includes films and performances. It stages marching bands from both sides of the Atlantic, with Mike Barksdale as the Drum conductor in Baltimore and Sylvain Cartigny, his counterpart in Paris, to create a video and performative installation. The project will take place in Baltimore and Parisian urban outskirts, and while questioning the sense of community in two different cultures, it echoes with the uprisings that occurred in the two cities 10 years apart.

Produced by the MC93, Bobigny, Marching Band Project is developed in association with Cultural Affairs dept. of the American Embassy in Paris, and in the U.S., with the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance and The New Edition Marching Band located in Baltimore.



Performa 17, New York

Uncovering Architecture (working title)

Performa commissioned Bucharest-based French artist Jimmy Robert to conceive a new performance in New York as part of the next Performa biennial. Robert’s work investigates the modernist idea of body as a measurement instrument and champions it as a means of resistance against normative narratives.

Born in Guadeloupe in 1975, Robert was raised and educated in metropolitan France in the 1980s and 1990s—an era in which questions of citizenship and multiculturalism were hotly debated. Rather than creating conspicuously political artworks, Robert takes his cues from cultural figures of the recent past (e.g. avant-garde writer Marguerite Duras, filmmaker Chantal Akerman, choreographer and artist Yvonne Rainer) who were not only pioneers in their respective art forms but also deft at subtly registering the traumas and effects of social conditions. His work has been presented at international venues such as Jeu de Paume (Paris), MCA (Chicago), Tate Modern (London), MoMA (New York), and Palais de Tokyo (Paris).



Festival du Haut Limousin, France

Nobody Lives Here Now
August 13–14 , 2016

Joe Goode Performance Group (JGPG) has been invited by Festival du Haut Limousin in Villefavard, Haute-Vienne to create a new piece with the Quatuor Varèse. Nobody Lives Here Now will be developed this summer and performances will take place during the festival in August 2016. In addition, the JGPG will present two works of its company.

Joe Goode is a choreographer, writer, and director widely known as an innovator in the field of dance for his willingness to collide movement with spoken word, song, and visual imagery. He was awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in 2007, and the United States Artists Glover Fellowship in 2008. The Joe Goode Performance Group, formed in 1986, tours regularly throughout the U.S., and has toured internationally to Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.



La Mama Theater, New York

Bienvenue / Welcome
May, 2017

Bienvenue / Welcome, by choreographer and installation artist Stefanie Batten Bland, is an evening-length interdisciplinary piece for Company SBB to premiere in La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival in May, 2017. The piece examines a willingness to welcome and share space with individuals immigrating to one’s own country. At the intersection of dance and installation, Bienvenue/Welcome is a fully-orchestrated, live installation set in a refugee camp, where arrival and admittance are controlled by material impediments, by space and red tape. For the work, two French performers, Emilie Camacho and RK Duverger will join the ensemble.

Stefanie Batten Bland (SBB) is a choreographic artist and artistic director of Company Stefanie Batten Bland (Company SBB). In 2008, while head choreographer of the Paris Opera Comique in France under the direction of Jérôme Savary, SBB founded Company SBB to investigate the human condition. Through the dance arts, she creates performances rooted in community to highlight the delicate threads that connect us to one another.

French performer Emilie Camacho joined in 1999 the CCN (National Choreographic Center) for Jean-Claude Gallotta and spent five years working for Compagnie Linga in Switzerland. She most recently worked for Jean Paul Goude, Blanca LI, Stromae Papatoutai, Stéphane Braunschweig Théâtre des Champs Elysées, Marion Levy and Philippe Jamet at Palais de Chaillot. Camacho currently develops her own work within the collective Rabbit Research.

French performer Raphael Kaney Duverger is a native of Paris. He began dancing and acting at the age of 17. His professional performance career includes working with Pal Frenak in Budapest,and Spanish choreographer Blanca Li. In 1999 Raphaël founded his own theater/dance company called Tournesol. He is currently choreographer for the French revivals of FAME and HAIR.


Lyon, France

Sharon Fantl
Assistant Director, Redfern Center for the Arts at Keene State College, Keene, NH

Angela Mattox
Artistic Director, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland, OR

Jodee Nimerichter
Director, American Dance Festival, Durham, NC

Craig T. Peterson
Director of Programs, Gibney Dance, New York, NY

Brian Rogers
Artistic Director, The Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, NY

Pamela Tatge
Director, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Becket, MA

Kenneth Tracy
Executive Director, Choregus Productions, Tulsa, OK

Adrienne Willis
Executive Director, American Dance Institute, Rockville, MD

Pamela Young
Executive Director, DANCECleveland, Cleveland, OH


Paris, France

Simon Dove
Executive and Artistic Director, Dancing in the Street, Bronx, NY


Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Rachel Cook
Associate Curator, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX

Laura Faure
Director, Bates Dance Festival, Lewiston, ME

Stanford Makishi
Vice President, Programming, New York City Center, New York, NY

Janera Solomon
Executive Director, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh, PA


Lille, France

Drew Klein
Performance Curator, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH


Paris, France

Nick Stuccio
President & Producing Director, FringeArts, Philadelphia, PA


New York, NY

Maria Carmela Mini
Artistic Director, Latitudes Contemporaines, Lille, France


Grantees 2015

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Emmanuelle Huynh

Cribles / Wild (Governors)
June 26-28, 2015

Thibault Lac

Melancholy: A White Mellow Drama
Choreographed by Ligia Lewis
June 2015

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Christian Rizzo

D’après une histoire vraie
September 2015

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Radhouane El Meddeb

Au temps où les Arabes dansaient…
September 2015

Christian Rizzo

D’après une histoire vraie
September 2015

Danspace Project
Volmir Cordeiro

November 2015

Compagnie Hervé Koubi’s
Tour In five cities

What the Day Owes to the Night

January 2016

White Bird
January 2016

Society for the Performing Arts
March 2016

TITAS Presents
March 2016

World Music/CRASHarts
March 2016

Centre National de la Danse (CND)
Valda Setterfied, Gus Solomon
with Eszter Salamon

Monument 0.1: Valda and Gus
October-December, 2015

MAC Creteil
Jonah Bokaer

Why Patterns/RECESS
November 2015

Entre Cour et Jardins
Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey

The Set Up: Saya Lei
October 31-November 1, 2015

Théâtre de Genevilliers
Faye Driscoll

Thank You for Coming: Attendance
November-December, 2015

Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson (CDC)
Liz Santoro

For Claude Shannon
Fall, 2015-February, 2016

Centre National de la Danse (CND)
Trajal Harrell

The Return of La Argentina, Yoko Ashikawa is Missing, The Series: Twenty Looks or Paris is burning at the Judson Church, and Camping 2016

Centre National de la Danse (CND)
Miguel Gutierrez

Age & Beauty: Part 1 & 2, and Camping 2015

Centre national de danse contemporaine (CNDC)
Liz Gerring

May 2016

Latitudes Contemporaines

Liz Santoro
Relative Collider

Michelle Ellsworth
Preparation for the Obsolescence of the Y chromosome

June 2016

Grantees 2014

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
A New Presentation of Cedric Andrieux by choreographer Jerome Bel at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Jérôme Bel

FIAF (French Institute Alliance Française)
Xavier Le Roy

La Jolla Music Society
Malandain Ballet Biarritz

New York Live Arts
Partitur/We Are Still Watching
Ivana Müller

Tigertail Miami
Nadia Beugré

La Briqueterie, CDC du Val de Marne
Blue Marble
Julian Barnett and Jocelyn Tobias

Théâtre Garonne
The Ghost of Montpellier meets the Samurai (D Bagouet/T Hijikata)
Trajal Harrell

Entre Cour et Jardins
Liz Santoro

Ateliers de Paris – Carolyn Carlson / June Events festival
Platform Diary of an Image
DD Dorvillier

Les Nouvelles Subsistances – Festival Aire de Jeu
Kyle Abraham (in collaboration with Composer Kalevi Aho)

Festival de Marseille
Abraham in Motion / Pavement
Kyle Abraham

Festival Latitudes Contemporaines
Nora Chipaumire

Théâtre de Vanves, Festival ArtDanThe
You’ re Me
Faye Driscoll

Grantees 2013

Chez Bushwick
Presentation of “Self Portrait Camouflage” by Latifa Laâbissi

Danspace Project
Presentation of “Spiel” by Extrapole (Emmanuelle Huynh & Akira Kasai)

French Institute Alliance Française
Project “La Bibliotheque” by Fanny de Chaille

Henry Street Settlement – Abrons Arts Center
Presentation of “Boomerang” or “A return to the self” by Claudia Triozzi / Association DAM CESPI

New York Live Arts, Inc.
Project “Ominous Funk & Dystopia” by Maud Le Pladec

On the Boards
Presentation of “Baron Samedi” by Association PI:ES / Alain Buffard

Project “Ideography” by Noé Soulier

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Presentation of “Le Trait” by Cie Nacera Belaza

San Francisco International Arts Festival
Presentation of “Marine” by Myriam Gourfink / Loldanse

Tigertail Productions
Presentation of “FLA-FRA” by Myriam Gourfink / Loldanse

Vermont Performance Lab
Project “Du printemps” by Thierry Thieû Niang

Centre national de danse contemporaine
Residency of the American choreographer, Vicky Shick

Entre cour et jardins
Project “Catalogue of steps” by DD Dorvillier

Théâtre de Nîmes
Residency of Will Rawls and David Thomson as part of the project “We lost the night” by Alain Buffard

Théâtre de Vanves
Project “Relative Collider” by Liz Santoro

Grantees 2012

Abrons Art Center – Henry Street Settlement, New York, NY
Presentation of “Auto” by David Wampach as part of the Queer Festival

American Dance Festival, Durham, NC
Presentation of La Maison / Nasser Martin-Gousset with the production “Le Visiteur”

Chez Bushwick, Inc., Brooklyn, NY
Residence of François Chaignaud & Cecila Bengolea for the development of “UNTITLED” (Working Title) in collaboration with American performers Preview premier at the Biennale de la Danse in Lyon

Miami Light Project, Miami, FL
Presentation of “NYA” (Trusting in Life) Cie La Baraka/Abou Lagraa in collaboration with the Ballet National Algérien

On the Boards, Seattle, WA
Residence and production of “Neo Fiction” by Christian Rizzo

The Kitchen
Presentation of “UNTITLED” by Francois Chaignaud & Cecila Bengolea in collaboration with American performers

Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (CNDC), Angers
Residence of Trajal Harrell for the development of “Legendary with a Twist” and “Antigone Sr.”

C.C.N. de Franche-Comté, Belfort
Residence of Kimberly Bartosik for the development of “You are my Heat and Glare”

Centre de développement chorégraphique (CDC) – Les Hivernales, Avignon
Residence of Jonah Bokaer For “The Ulysse Syndrome”

Grantees 2011

Alliance Française
Tomeo Verges, Compagnie MANDRAKE
Chez Bushwick
Myriam Gourfink

Dance Theater Workshop
Rachid Ouramdane

French Institute Alliance Francaise
Xavier Leroy

Miami Light Project
Radhouane El Meddeb

Ohio State University – Wexner Center for the Arts
Rachid Ouramdane

Boris Charmatz/Musee de la Danse

PICA – Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Rachid Ouramdane

C.C.N. de Franche-Comté, Belfort
Morgan Thorson

Les Nouvelles Subsistances, Lyon
“Miriam” at Les Nouvelles Subsistances
Nora Chipaumire

Association PI:ES, Paris
“Baron Samedi” by Alain Buffard, Théâtre de Nimes, Menagerie de Verre (Paris), Opera de Lille
David Thompson, Will Rawls

Théatre de Vanves
“We Do Our Best” at Theatre de Vanves, Festival ArtDanThe
Liz Santoro

Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (CNDC), Angers
“Danza Dorvilliers” at Centre National de la Danse Contemporaine
DD Dorvilliers

Grantees 2010

Dance Theater Workshop, NY
Alain Buffard
Les Inconsolés

Danspace Project, NY
Francois Chaignaud & Cecilia Bengolea

Joyce Theater Foundation, Inc., NY
Jérôme Bel
Cédric Andrieux

On the Boards, WA
Christian Rizzo
Janvier 1545, Fontainebleau

Philadelphia Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe, PA
Jérome Bel
Cédric Andrieux

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA), OR
Jérome Bel
Time-Based Art Festival 2010

Chez Bushwick, NY
David Wampach

Latitudes contemporaines
Bal with Vincent Segal and others + Last Meadow + Retrospective
Michelle Boulé, Miguel Gutierrez, Tarek Halaby
Residency French-American Coll
Presentation of a American Prod.

Centre Chorégraphique National Montpellier, Montpellier
Stem Stage
Bryan Campbell

Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (CNDC), Angers
Cardona / Lacey New York (untitled)
Wally Cardona Jennifer Lacey

CCN Franche Comte / Belfort
Festival ArtDanthe / Vanves
I like penises: A little something
Kimberly Bartosik

Centre de développement chorégraphique Les Hivernales, Avignon
Identités et Racines 2 – Les Amériques
Residency: Jonah Bokaer & Productions (part of the series Les Amériques)

Compagnie Vlovajob Pru, Poitiers
C. Bengolea / F. Chaignaud
supported by Le Quartz, Brest
Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning
Trajal Harrell Residency and Development of a Production

Grantees 2009

REDCAT/ California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, CA
Anne Collod/ Anna Halprin
Parades and Changes

Danspace Project, New York, NY
Compagnie Nacera Belaza
Le Cri

Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York, NY
Pierre Rigal

Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY
Anne Collod / Anna Halprin
Parades and Changes

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
Anne Collod / Anna Halprin
Parades and Changes

The Kitchen, New York, NY
Christian Rizzo
b.c. Janvier 1545 Fontainbleau

Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT
Martin Chaput Martial Chazallon
Society of the Spectacle

Institute for Contemporary Art, Boston, MA
Xavier Le Roy
Anthropomorphic and Selected Works

French Institute Alliance Francaise, New York, NY (supported by SCAC/FACE)
Latifa Laabissi, Olivier Dubois, Odile Duboc, Germaine Acogny
Le Bal NYC

Association Made in France: Movement Arts and Design in Europe with public performances
June 16 & 21: Music Festival, Tonnerre
June 22 at Le Studio Regard du Cygne
David Dorfman and Lisa Race and young US performers
Residency and Performances

Centre d’animation de Beaulieu Poitiers, France
“Entrez dans la danse” Lisa Nelson

Levy Dance (San Francisco) and Centre Chorégraphique National (Caen)
– Fattoumi / Lamoureux
Creation by Benjamin Levy with US and French team (performers and designers)
Residency, Performances and Tour

French Institute Alliance Francaise New York, NY
“Le Bal NYC”-Latifa Laabissi Olivier Dubois, Odile Duboc Germaine Acogny
Workshops and Performances

Grantees 2008

Danspace Project, NY/Sui Generis (Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh)
Danspace Project will present three performances of Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh’s Ici/Per.for from February 19-21, 2009, a duet between the French choreographer and performer E. Vo-Dinh and the American composer and musician, Zeena Parkins.

Philadelphia: Fringe Festival/Jerome Bel
One of the top artists working in France today, Jérôme Bel adapts “The Show Must Go On” with twenty American performers during the Philadelphia Fringe Festival (September)

University of Washington- World Series / La Calebasse – Merlin Nyakam
UW World Series will present Compagnie La Calebasse April 5-7, 2009 at Meany Hall for the Performing Arts. “Récréation Primitive”, originally created in 2001, explores encounters with ethnicity, tradition and modernity through powerful movement and music.

PICA/Jerome Bel
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art in Portland presents Jerome Bel’s collaborative work with Thai classical dancer, Pinchet Klunchen. “Pinchet Klunchen and Myself”, part of the TBA (Time Based Art) Festival on September the 7th, 8th and 9th.

Chez Bushwick/Christian Rizzo
The New York première of French choregrapher Christian Rizzo for inaugural performance at CPR – Center for Performance Research — in Brooklyn involves presentations of a new piece “Sujet A Vif” – and the installation “100% Polyester”, from September 26-September 27, part of “Crossing the line” festival.

Performance Space 122/Rachid Ouramdane and Pascal Rambert
The performances of “Diptych 1: With My Own Hands and A Boy Standing”, collaborative work between the two French artists, Ouramdane and Rambert, take place during the annual “Crossing the line” Festival, at Performance Space 122 in October 2008.

Biennale de la Danse de Lyon/Ronald K Brown
The Biennale de la Danse de Lyon will present “One Shot” by Ronald K. Brown/Company Evidence; The performances is based on the work by African-American photographer Charles. Presented this year at the Joyce Theater, NY, “One Shot” received great reviews.

Association …& Alters/Anna Halprin – Anne Collod
Re-enactment of “Parades and Changes” (1965), a landmark piece by Anna Halprin – one of the most influential artist in contemporary dance – will be presented at the Biennale de la Danse, in Lyon, and at Festival d’Automne in Paris in fall 2008. The re-enactment includes choreographers such as Alain Buffard, Boaz Barkan, Nuno Bizarro, Anne Collod, Vera Mantero, DD Dorvillier

Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers/Pavol Liska-Kelly Cooper
Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers host residency and performance of Nature Theater of Okloama, “Life and Times, Part I” during March 2009. Last of a series of work made by this company, this performance is a 16 hour epic which engages and reinvents traditional narrative archetypes.

Ballet Atlantique – Régine Chopinot (BARC)/Dennis O’Connor
Invited by the Ballet Atlantique, the American dancer and choreographer Dennis O’Connor is participating in the creation of the new Régine Chopinot’s work, Cornucopiae, presented at Festival d’Automne (fall 2008)

Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté à Belfort/Jeremy Wade
CCN Belfort presents the American choreographer, Jeremy Wade “Offer Myself to Thee” in fall 2008. Dealing with issues of excitability, rituals and performative elements in church service, Jeremy Wade’s solo is focusing on the profane community and on the relationships between the performer and the audience.

Les Subsistances/Big Dance Company – Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar
Hosted by Les Subsistances, in Lyon, Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar will develop their new work, “Comme toujours here I Stand” from June to July 2008.

Grantees 2007

FIAF and Baryshnikov Arts Center / Pierre Rigal
New York
French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) and Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York, NY, present Pierre Rigal “Erection”

French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) / Mourad Merzouki
New York
FIAF presents Mourad Merzouki / Compagnie Käfig with “Terrain Vague”

Walker Art Center / Jérôme Bel
Minneapolis, MN
Presentation of “Pichet Klunchun and Myself” by Jérôme Bel with Thai dancer, Pichet Klunchun.

Wexner Art Center / Jérôme Bel
Columbus, Ohio
Presentation of “Pichet Klunchun and Myself” by Jérôme Bel with Thai dancer, Pichet Klunchun

Dance Theater Workshop / Jérôme Bel
New York, NY
Presentation of “Pichet Klunchun and Myself” by Jérôme Bel with Thai dancer, Pichet Klunchun.

Danspace Project and Dance Theater Workshop / Deborah Hay
New York
Danspace Project presents the French version “O,O” by Deborah Hay with choreographers and performers: Emmanuelle Huyhn, Laurent Pichaud, Nuno Bizarro, Sylvain Prunenec, Jennifer Lacey, Corinne Garcia, Catherine Legrand and Dance Theater Workshop, presents “Soli”, four solo adaptations of Deborah Hay’s “Room”,

Dance Theater Workshop / Rachid Ouramdane
New York
Presentation of the solo piece « Distant » by Ouramdane

Institute of Contemporary Art / Rachid Ouramdane
Presentation of the solo piece « Distant » by Ouramdane

International Festival of Arts & Ideas/Rachid Ouramdane (Postponed)
New Heaven, CT
Presentation of the solo piece « Distant » by Ouramdane

The Joyce Theater / Heddy Maalem
Presentation of Compagnie Heddy Maalem “Le Sacre du Printemps” (The Rite of Spring) at the Joyce Theater

Les Subsistances/Jeremy Wade
Lyon, France
Les Subsistances hosts residency and performances of “Feed” by Jeremy Wade in Lyon.

Compagnie Didier Theron / Keith Thompson
Montpellier, France
Development of the collaborative work «Democratic Combine» between French choreographer Didier Theron and American performer Keith Thompson in partnership with the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier

Centre Chorégraphique National, Franche Comté / Heather Kravas
Belfort, France
CCN Belfort presents Heather Kravas “No more village, leaving town, exiting limits” with Antonija Livingstone and Hahn Rowe.

Choregraphic Centers of Franche Comté and Montpellier in partnership with Centre National de Dance Contemporaine / Trajal Harrel
Belfort, Montpellier, Angers, France
CCN Franche Comté in Belfort, Centre National de la Danse in Angers, and CCN Montpellier host residencies of American choreographer Trajal Harrel. Performances of Harrel’s piece «Showpony” will be shown in Angers.

Grantees 2006

Boris Charmatz
In October 2006, Danspace Project (New York) presented the long-anticipated duet, “A Bras Le Corps” with Boris Charmatz and Dimitri Chamblas. The three sold-out performances received great press.

Myriam Gourfink
Dance Theater Workshop (New York) presented “Molecular Black” by Gourfink as part of its 2006 spring dance/dialogue in October 2006.

Martine Pisani
In January 2007, Pisani and her group will be in New York for a three-week residency at the Joyce Soho and the presentation of “Bande à Part” at Danspace Project (New York).

Xavier LeRoy
Diverseworks (Houston) will present “Self Unfinished” in May 2007. The performance will travel to MIT/Ideas in Motion in Boston, MA.

Jean Baptiste André
At Diverse Works (Houston) and Danspace Project (New York) in fall 2007 to present his latest piece, “Comme en plein jour”.

Keith Hennessy
Following the success of Hennessy’s first presentation in 2005, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers presented in March 2006 two pieces by the artist, “American Tweaker” (Vitesse américain), commissioned by Les Laboratoires, followed by “SDF USA”, a production of Les Subsistances in 2005.

Re-invited Les Subsistances (Lyon) and by the Centre Chorégraphique National de Belfort, Keith Hennessy had the first phase of his residencies during summer 2006 for the creation of “Sol Niger”, a poetic experiment. “Sol Niger” is being presented in January 2007 at Les Subsistances.

Ralph Lemon – Okwui Okpokwasili
Okpokwasili’s project, “Pent-Up! A Revenge Dance,” based on Medea will be developed through residencies at the Centre National de la Danse.

Marc Bamuthi Joseph
Residencies at Centre National de la Dance (Pantin), combined with trips in Bamako (Mali) in 2007.

Heather Kravas – Laurent Vinauger
Centre Chorégraphique National de Belfort, traveled to New York in February 2006 to attend the premiere of “A Choreographic Conversation” at Dance Theater Workshop, which led to an invitation for the young choreographer to go to Belfort during summer 2007.

Deborah Hay
Following its success in 2005, a French version of “O,O” with dancers/choreographers such as Emmanuelle Huynh and Laurent Pichaud was presented at Les Subsistances (Lyon) in June and at Les Spectacles Vivants – Centre George Pompidou as part of the Festival d’Automne in Paris in October 2006. In addition, two educational residencies with students of the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine in Angers were conducted in Spring 2006.

Ann Liv Young
Following a two-month residency in France, the choreographer from North Carolina and her group presented a feminist version of “Snow White” at Théâtre de la Bastille in November. The project was coordinated by the Centre National Chorégraphique in Belfort, the Centre National Chorégraphique in Montpellier, the Centre National de la Danse in Paris, and Théâtre de la Bastille. The company will present “Snow White” at The Kitchen (New York) in March 2007.

Grantees 2005

Martine Pisani
Her company performed her piece, “Sans” (Without), in March 2006 at the Joyce SoHo, a co-production by the Joyce Theater and Danspace Project (New York) to great public and critical acclaim.

Alain Buffard
His American version of “Mauvais Genre” took place in March/April 2006 at Danspace Project (New York) and included several New York-based dancers and choreographers such as Cedric Andrieux, DD Dorvillier, and John Jasperse. In addition, and in partnership with the Baryshnikov Arts Center, Buffard presented his solo “Good Boy”.

Rachid Ouramdane
In May 2006, Dance Theater Workshop (New York) and the Wexner Center (Columbus, Ohio) presented his piece, “Discreet Death” (Les Morts Pudiques). His work had a strong impact on the professionals, audience, and critics.

Christian Rizzo
A multidisciplinary artist, Rizzo performed “I might as well want the blue of the sky and ride away on a donkey” (Autant vouloir le bleu du ciel et m’en aller sur un âne) at On the Boards (Seattle).

Keith Hennessy
March/April 2005 residency and June 2005 performance at Les Subsistances, Lyon led to the commissioning of a new piece based on “Mots de tête” by the American author, Robert Olen Butler; July/August and December 2006 residencies at Les Subsistances and Centre Chorégraphique National (CCN) de Franche Comte (Belfort); Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers invited him for a second time to present “How to Die” in March 2006

Heather Kravas
Autumn 2005 residency at the Centre Chorégraphique National (CCN) de Franche Comte (Belfort) and collaborative work presented at Dance Theater Workshop in February 2006; possible second residency in Belfort during 2007.

Ann Liv Young
November 2005 visit to Centre National Chorégraphique (CCN) in Montpellier and residency in 2006 with CCN in Belfort.

Deborah Hay
Autumn 2005 workshops in CNDC in Angers with a final production in May 2006 at Grand Théâtre d’Angers; Hay also appeared in France for the first time in two of the most renowned festivals, Montpellier Danse in June 2005 and Festival d’Automne/Centre George Pompidou in Paris in November 2005; from February-June 2006, a collaboration between CNDC in Angers, Les Subsistances in Lyon, and Centre National de la Danse and Les Spectacles Vivants, both in Paris.

Megan Murphy
Autumn 2005 residency at Parc de la Villette following the presentation of her recent piece “The Rich Grandeur of Boxing” at the festival 100 dessus dessous; Parc de la Villette is interested in producing one of her new pieces during the 2007/08 season.

Marc Bamuthi Joseph
June and December 2005 residencies at Centre National de la Danse, Pantin.


Nicole Birmann Bloom
Program Officer, Performing Arts