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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to deeply affect the world, including cultural institutions and artistic exchanges, in many ways. Today, more than ever, Villa Albertine, the French Embassy and FACE Foundation are proud to encourage, promote and support artistic performances and creations.  

Created in 1999 by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and FACE Foundation. FACE Contemporary Theater fosters French-American artistic collaborations in contemporary theater, circus, puppetry as well as street theater allocating grants to French or American nonprofit institutions.

Since 2017, the program has expanded beyond artists based in France and the United States to include projects by artists from Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East performing in the United States, as long as their work is co-produced by French cultural institutions. In this age of global mobility, the goal is to support artists with varied backgrounds and influences, in order to promote a multiplicity of voices and foster a rich intercultural dialogue.

Through its annual application call, projects are evaluated by an independent committee, and since its creation, FACE Contemporary Theater has distributed $3.2 million to 300 projects that reflect the cultural and artistic diversity of the French and American contemporary scenes.

For information: If you want to know more about the projects selected in 2021, click here.

FACE Contemporary Theater receives funding from the Ford Foundation, the Institut français (Paris), the French Ministry of Culture, and private donors.

Grants Criteria

FACE Contemporary Theater has adjusted its criteria for its 2022 applications call by encouraging the production and the presentation of contemporary theater / circus / puppetry / street theater projects through the Production, Presentation, or Touring Grant.

Note: French or France-based artists interested in exploratory residency in the United States can check the residency program developed by Villa Albertine here.

Calendar & Application


Next Application Deadline : EARLY 2023, TBA

Budget Template Production, Presentation or Touring Grant

Production, Presentation or Touring Grant Application


Nicole Birmann Bloom
Program Officer, Performing Arts