FACE Foundation

- Supporting French-American Cultural Exchange in Education and the Arts

French Immersion

Supported Projects

Dedicated to promoting immersive works and officially launched in April 2018 in Paris during the NewImages festival, the French Immersion program immediately came into effect.

The program has already supported the following projects:

BattleScar (selected at TriBeca Film Festival, FilmGate Miami)

Vestige (selected at TriBeca Film Festival)

Firebird – The Unfinished (selected at TriBeca Film Festival, FilmGate Miami)

Seven Lives (selected at TriBeca Film Festival)

Ayahuasca (selected at TriBeca Film Festival)

Accused No.2 : Walter Sisulu (selected at TriBeca Film Festival)

I Saw the Future – VR (selected at CoLCoA)

Bury me, my love (selected at Games for Change Festival, FilmGate Miami)

A Fisherman’s Tale (FilmGate Miami)

Gauguin’s inner journey (FilmGate Miami)

Isle of the Dead (FilmGate Miami)

Legacy (FilmGate Miami)

Summer (FilmGate Miami)

The Horrifically Real Virtuality (Future of Storytelling)

PLAY! (Future of Storytelling)

The Real Thing (Future of Storytelling)

Gloomy Eyes (selected at Sundance New Frontier)

Mechanical Souls (selected at Sundance New Frontier)

-22,7°C (selected at SXSW)

Eclipse (selected at SXSW and Cinequest)

Vectronom (selected at SXSW Gaming)

Sex Buyers (selected at Impact Reality Summit)

Representatives of these immersive works thus received assistance to present their creations in the United States during major events whose trend forecaster role is established.

In 2018 and 2019 French Immersion helped bring French immersive stories to 8 US festivals, supported 15 production companies and 20 projects.


Camille Jeanjean