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French Immersion

Eligibility & Guidelines

Update: As COVID-19 led to the cancellation of events and has changed media consumption, the partners of French Immersion launch two exceptional grants. In response to COVID 19, the purpose of these grants is to support the online distribution of French immersive works to the American public. More info here.

What does the program offer?

Travel grant (fly and/or hotel) OR, in case of an event taking place in NYC, the grant can be replaced by one round-trip Economy class ticket on Air France between New York and Paris
The Cultural Services provides communication support, establishes connections between French creators and US professionals, informs US partners about French projects, informs French creators and producers about US submissions calendar and processes.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for a financial assistance, you must be affiliated with a French institution or production company. You must have at least one project selected/nominated by a US festival or programmed by an US institution. The program doesn’t support learning expeditions nor PR events.
To be eligible with a financial assistance, your project must be a French project selected by a US festival and/or programmed by a US art institution.

Grant amount

Maximum $1,000 / travel / person
OR one round-trip Economy class ticket on Air France between New York and Paris / person.
Maximum 2 trips / project for each selection.
Max. grants or flight tickets on a year for one production company: 4 selections.
Max. grants or flight tickets on a year for one project: 2 selections
For one festival/institution, if several production companies ask for grants or flight tickets, priority will be given to the companies that received the smallest amount.

General Conditions

The grant is paid retroactively, upon receipt by FACE of all necessary invoices. The flight and/or the hotel are booked at the expense of the beneficiary company. The grant is a refund transferred on presentation of invoice of actual costs.
In case of an event in NYC and when the support provided by French Immersion is an Air France flight ticket, the flight ticket is booked through the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

To apply for the French Immersion grant, contact Emma Buttin.


Camille Jeanjean