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Sponsors & Partners

CinéSchool is a program by FACE Foundation and Villa Albertine, in partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.
CinéSchool est un programme de la Fondation FACE et de Villa Albertine, en partenariat avec les Services Culturels de l’Ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis.

We would like to thank the supporters and sponsors who helped us create and launch this new film program for kids in the U.S.:
Nous souhaitons remercier les soutiens et sponsors qui permettent la réalisation et le lancement de ce nouveau programme d’éducation à l’image aux Etats-Unis :

Thank you also to the partners who offer a great diversity of French and French-speaking movies for this first edition:
Merci également aux partenaires qui nous offrent, pour cette première édition, une belle diversité de films français et francophones :

Finally thanks to the teachers, their students, and their parents, who hopefully will discover and enjoy this new program!
Enfin merci aux professeur.e.s, aux éleves et à leurs parents qui, nous l’espérons, découvriront et apprécieront ce nouveau programme !

Why Support CinéSchool?

Watching films at home is a popular extra-curricular activities for many families, but it can be challenging to finding meaningful content in French to improve your language learning skills and discover great world cinema. CinéSchool will inspire and open up new avenues for learning French in a fun way!

“Using French cinema to explore the world around us.”

Supporting CinéSchool means joining a group of passionate and dedicated organizations and partners in the film and education committed to realizing the potential of world cinema in French language education.


Nathalie Charles
Program Officer, CinéSchool

Caite Panzer
Director of Development