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A FHLP student obtains the New York State Seal of Biliteracy 

This year, one FHLP student, Amalineda Jean François obtained the “New York Seal of Biliteracy”: she is a senior at Prospect Heights International High School; she is from Haiti and she speaks French, Haitian Creole and English.

The Seal of Biliteracy is an official recognition by the New York State Department of Education of her bilingualism in French and English.  To prove her proficiency in English, she had to maintain her grades above 85 in 11th and 12th grades  and also pass the English Regents. In French, she scored at the Intermediate High level of the AAPPL, a proficiency test, developed by ACTFL and  worked on a Capstone Biliteracy project in French throughout the year.

The theme this year was Science and Technology and the ways in which it influenced our lives. She chose to research the impact of the Internet, and more specifically of social media on the youth, comparing the US and Haiti. In early June, she made a formal presentation  in front of a  panel composed of teachers and administrators. She can now add this accreditation to her high school transcript, her resume and can even earn credits at some universities.

Many of our students are perfect candidates and we are planning on preparing many more next year.

Congratulations to Amalineda  who obtained the Seal  despite the COVID, remote learning, the many projects she had to finish as a high school senior and a job!