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French Dual Language Fund

French Professional Development Summer Institute

A Workshop for Experienced and New French DLI Teachers

In response to the need for qualified French DLI teachers, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the FACE Foundation are partnering with the University of Utah’s L2 TReC to develop the first French DLI Professional Development Summer Institute.

The Institute provides teachers with training in curriculum development, classroom management and use of resources specific to French DLI, as well as the opportunity to network and work closely with professionals in the field.

As our French DLI Summer Institutes were cancelled through 2022 due to the pandemic, we offered the DLI community an opportunity to gather and exchange. This allowed stakeholders to address some of the most pressing issues educators, administrators and families are facing, such as distance learning education or equity and diversity in DLI programs. 

This year, a round-table session was dedicated to non-Francophone parents to share their experience and thoughts on how to support their children in DLI programs.

Ressources and details are available here.


Mathieu Ausseil
Education Attaché, Head of Educational Affairs Department,
French Embassy in the United States

Victoria Creux Laroche
Program Officer, French Dual Language and Immersion
French Embassy in the United States