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Albertine Translation

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions below regard the Albertine Translation program. For information about the Acquisition of Rights program please click here.

How can I apply to the Albertine Translation program?

Applications must be submitted electronically.
The deadline for the current session of the Albertine Translation program is February 2, 2024.

I am an American publisher. Can I be the recipient of more than one of the programs listed on your website?

There are some restrictions on the programs that can be combined. (For instance you can not receive a grant from the CNL and from Albertine Translation Fund)

Please refer to chart below for more info:

 Albertine Translation
Fund & Prizes
Acquisition of rights CNL
Albertine Translation YESNO
Acquisition of rights

Who can apply to the following programs?

 American publisherFrench publisherOther publisher
of works in French
Albertine TranslationYesYesYesYesYesYes
Acquisition of rights
CNL (French Ministry
of Culture)

If my project is selected for an Albertine Translation funding, when can I expect to receive the funding?

The Albertine Translation funding is to be paid to the American publisher. It will only be paid after you’ve provided a copy of the fully executed acquisition of rights contract and after you’ve signed a contract with Albertine Foundation.

The $5,000 prize given to the winners of the Albertine Translation program (Fiction & Non-fiction) will be paid directly to the translator of the work, provided that the translator is American or able to provide the IRS W9 form. If the translator is a resident of another country, the prize will be paid to the U.S. publisher who will then pay the translator. The prize will also only be paid after a contract with an American publisher has been signed.

If I have not signed the contract with the American publisher, at what point would I be required to do so?

You will have a full year to provide a signed acquisition of rights contract between the French Publisher and American Publisher.

When will I receive a response to my application?

Albertine Translation recipients will be announced twice a year on our website villa-albertine.org and presented at a prestigious ceremony. This announcement will be followed by personal letters or emails to all applicants.
> Recipients of the first session to be announced in June the year following the applicant’s submission.
> Recipients of the second session and Prizes to be announced in December within the year of submission of the application.

Whom is the Albertine Translation funding paid to and what share goes to the translator?

The Albertine Translation funding is composed of $2,000 to cover publishing costs and 50% of the translation costs (not exceeding $5,000). The full amount will be transferred to the publisher of each selected project.

The Albertine Translation Prize awards $5,000 to the translator of the work. The full amount will be transferred directly to the translator provided the translator is an American citizen or allowed to provide an IRS W9 form. If it is a co-translation, the amount of the prize will be shared between translators.

Is the Albertine Translation program only available to American citizens?

For example: I am not an American translator. Can I submit an application to the Albertine Translation Fund and Prizes ?
You do not need to be an American citizen to apply; however, the publishing house of the work in translation must be American or registered in the US.

Is there a limit on the number of applications I can submit?

American publishers and agents can submit as many applications as they wish. Other applicants can only submit two applications per session.

If my project is not selected by the committee, can I re-submit my application?

You cannot submit the same application twice.

What literary genres are eligible for these awards?

Support is given to works of fiction, non-fiction, children, comic books and poetry. The program does not support textbooks, pratical books, and hard science works.

Will sending other documents (press reviews…) help my application?

Please submit only the requested forms. We will not consider additional documents in the selection process.

What are the requirements for the contract with the American Publisher?

The Albertine Translation program will only consider contracts with a minimum of 500 printed copies and will not consider print-on-demand or ebooks only contracts.

The American publisher will be asked to acknowledge funding on the copyright page and carry the logo of the program.


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