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Current Grantees

Villa Albertine and Face Foundation are pleased to announce the list of recipients of the first inaugural Albertine Translation Fund and Prizes selection.

Representing new trends in all categories including fiction, non-fiction, and comics, Albertine Translation recognizes the quality of both the original work and the translation. Each book listed below will receive $2,000 to cover the publishing costs, and 50% of the translation costs up to $5,000.  

While most of these titles have secured an American publisher, some are waiting to find a good home. Should you want more information about these titles please email us at translation@villa-albertine.org. We will make a connection with the translator and right holders of the works. 

Among the books supported by the program, the committee also choses two winners (one in fiction and one in non-fiction) to be announced in a ceremony at the Villa Albertine Headquarters. The winners will receive a $5,000 prize allocated to the translator.  

More information will be available on this page after the ceremony


A- Youth and Comics 

Rouli Rouli Roulette by Cécile Bergame (Didier Jeunesse / Red Comet Press, LLC) Translation by Angus Yuen-Killick 

Chroniques de Francine R., résistante et déportée by Boris Golzio (Editions Glenat / Dead Reckoning (imprint of Naval Institute Press) Translation by Ivanka Hahnenberger 

Astrid Bromure. Comment atomiser les fantômes by Fabrice Parme (Rue de Sèvres / Seeking an american publisher) Translation by Kiki Anderson 

B- Classics 

Les soixante-quinze feuillets : Et autres manuscrits inédits by Marcel Proust (Gallimard / Harvard University Press) Translation by Sam Taylor 

L’Enfant et la Rivière by Henri Bosco (Gallimard / New York Review Books) Translation by Joyce Zonana 

Fragments d’un paradis by Jean Giono (Editions Gallimard / Archipelago Books) Translation by Paul Eprile 

C- Poetry 

Quand on n’a que la terre by Abdourahman A. Waberi (Editions Points / Seeking an American publisher) Translation by Nancy Naomi Carlson  

Le Rapt by Maram Al-Masri (Bruno Doucey / White Pine Press) Translation by Hélène Cardona 

D- Fiction 

La Mezzanine : Le dernier récit de Catarina Quia by Anne-Marie Albiach (Editions du Seuil / seeking an American publisher) Translation by Teresa Villa-Ignacio 

Les années 10 (“Stand up”) by Nathalie Quintane (La Fabrique / Dispersed Holdings) Translation by Jacqueline Feldman 

La femme et l’oiseau by Isabelle Sorente (JC Lattes / Seeking an American Publisher) Translation by Heather Green 

Milwaukee Blues by Louis-Philippe Dalembert (Sabine Wespieser Editeur / Schaffner Press) Translation by Marjolijn de Jager

Le Voyant d’Étampes by Abel Quentin (Éd. de l’Observatoire / Humensis / Seeking an American publisher) Translation by Thea Petrou 

Tangente vers l’est by Maylis de Kerangal (Editions Gallimard / Archipelago Books) Translation by Jessica Moore 

E- Non-fiction 

Des empires sous la terre : Histoire écologique et raciale de la sécularisation by Mohamad Amer Meziane (La découverte / Verso Books) Translation by Jonathan Adjemian

Derrière le niqab : 10 ans d’enquête sur les femmes qui ont porté et enlevé le voile intégral by Agnes De Feo (Arman Collin / Fordham University Press) in a translation by Lindsay Turner 

Sans Ciel ni Terre : Paroles Orphelines du Génocide des Tutsi (1994-2006) by Hélène Dumas (La Découverte / Fordham University Press) in a translation by Catherine Porter 

Communisme et Stratégie by Isabelle Garo (Editions Amsterdam / Verso Books) Translation by Gregory Elliott 

Au voleur ! Anarchisme et philosophie by Catherine Malabou (PUF/Humensis / Polity Press) Translation by Carolyn Shread 

La possibilité du fascisme by Ugo Palheta (La Découverte / Verso Books) Translation by Gregory Elliott 

Traduction et violence by Tiphaine Samoyault (Seuil / seeking an American publisher) Translation by Alexander Hertich 

Pour une écologie des images by Peter Szendy (Les Editions de Minuit / Verso Books) Translation by Marco Roth 


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