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Games for Good


Games for Good is a program initiated by the cultural and scientific services of the French Embassies in Canada and the United States to address training, innovation and inclusion challenges in the video game industry.

The program aims to create a task force between France & North America to build a better gaming industry and to strengthen cooperation with North America in a trans-disciplinary approach linking culture, technology, and economy.

Games for Good will support projects that aim to address one or several major challenges identified in the video game industry.
– The training of tomorrow’s professionals and the recruitment of new talents.
– Technological and social innovation.
– Inclusion and diversity.

All projects will share a common approach:
– The development of a shared expertise, facilitated by the mobility of professionals, artists, and academics.
– The cross-disciplinary aspect – sciences, technology, and culture linked together – as a vehicle for innovation.
– The promotion of cooperation projects between the United States and France.
– The pursuit of significant development within the industry on a social, economic, cultural, or scientific level.

Calendar & Application

First projects to be launched in 2021.


Emma Buttin
Cultural Services of the French Embassy