Voir du pays / The Stopover

The second feature by the sisters Muriel and Delphine Coulin confirms their
talent for striking images by beginning with incongruous shots of camouflaged
soldiers in the Greek vacation paradise of Cyprus: a French military unit has
just arrived on the island for a three-day “decompression” stay in a five-star
hotel before it heads home to France from Afghanistan. While a motley crew
of tourists bask in the sun, these men and women of France’s armed forces
participate in group therapy sessions to work through traumas suffered on
the field and prepare for life back home. The Stopover focuses on two female
soldiers, Aurore and Marine, beautifully played by Ariane Labed (The Lobster)
and French pop star Soko, as they face the lingering sexism of their male
comrades in arms, the memory of a military operation gone horribly wrong,
and a nightmare encounter with some aggressive locals. The Coulin sisters
combine a surprising, nearly anthropological sense of detail with the tension
of a thriller to deliver a fascinating contribution to the growing genre of films
dealing with the long-range consequences of asymmetric, globalized war.

Delphine & Muriel Coulin

Delphine & Muriel Coulin

Ariane Labed
Ginger Roman
Karim Leklou

English, French, Greek
102 min.
France, Greece, 2016
Blu-Ray, DCP, DVD

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