Sorry Angel is a bittersweet love letter to the generation of gay artists
and thinkers decimated by the AIDS crisis, those “adoptive fathers”
whom leading LGBTQ writer-director Christophe Honoré never got a
chance to meet and thank for their inspiration. The year is 1993 and
acclaimed playwright Jacques is trying to carry on with his life while
anxiously watching his T-cell count drop: taking care of his young son,
pursuing a chronically evasive hustler, nursing his dying former lover,
and travelling from Paris to Brittany for a performance of one of his
plays. Here, he meets Arthur, a local university student just coming
out of the closet and preparing to start a new life in Paris. Over the
course of a single summer, Jacques and Arthur experience something
like a prolonged, life-changing flirtation, with Jacques’s failing
health infusing their newfound affection with an intensity both playful
and melancholy. Driven by Honoré’s characteristic pop sensibility and
tremendously affecting performances by Pierre Delandonchamps and
Vincent Lacoste, Sorry Angel is at once a vibrant encapsulation of a
tragic era and a timeless story of the elusive nature of love.

Christophe Honoré

Christophe Honoré

Vincent Lacoste
Pierre Deladonchamps
Denis Podalydès

Drama, Romance, Historical
French with English
132 min.
France, 2018
DCP, Blu-Ray

Strand Releasing