One of the most bravely controversial films in recent French cine-
ma, Nocturama follows a group of young people of various creeds
and social backgrounds as they plan and execute a series of appar-
ently random terrorist attacks in Paris, then hole up in a shuttered
department store and watch the city go into high alert. Acclaimed
auteur Bertrand Bonello, known for his exquisite period films House
of Tolerance and Saint Laurent, makes a resolute turn here toward
the contemporary, but not in the expected manner: Nocturama is not
so much a disquisition on terrorism as an open-ended investigation
of the frustrations and demands of the generation coming of age in
2018. It is not a picture of a lost generation, but a disgusted generation
composed of confused yet hopeful individuals who refuse the injustice
and inequity handed down to them. In its depiction of commercialism
and cronyism, Nocturama puts forth a societal critique closer to that
of the virulent but poetic idealism of the Situationists than any of the
dogmatic positions currently causing innocent blood to be shed. As
always with Bonello, a brilliant command of seductive camerawork
and sound design eases the viewer into his explosively thought-pro-
voking themes.

LBertrand Bonello

Bertrand Bonello

Finnegan Oldfield
Laure Valentinelli
Vincent Rottiers
Hamza Meziani
Manal Issa
Martin Guyot
Jamil McCraven
Adèle Haenel
Rabah Nait Oufella
Ilias Le Doré
Robin Goldbronn
Luis Rego
Hermine Karagheuz

130 min.
France, 2016
DCP, Blu-Ray, Pro-res, DVD

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