Ni le ciel ni la terre / Neither Heaven nor Earth

When French soldiers stationed at a remote outpost in Afghanistan begin
vanishing without a trace, their commander Captain Antares Bonassieu
(Jérémie Renier) assumes that enemy troops are responsible. Then he learns
that the Taliban are also disappearing and realizes he may be facing the most
invisible of enemies. Described by its brilliant young director Clément Cogitore
as “John Ford meets M. Night Shyamalan,” Neither Heaven nor Earth is the rare
film to make the leap from the headlines to the Twilight Zone, playing out the
eternal struggle between the spiritual and the physical on a desert battlefield
where literally anything could happen. Deftly combining a nearly documentary
attention to the details of military life with an artier, conceptual touch that
reveals his background in the visual arts, Cogitore immerses the viewer in
an environment unfamiliar to most but imagined by many—the contested
tribal areas of Afghanistan—only to take us far beyond the imaginable, thus
turning his debut feature into a deeply metaphysical film that works both as a
thriller and a horror movie, but is not limited by either genre. This speculative
contribution to the growing body of films about the endless wars of the 21st
century is entirely its own beast, and signals the arrival of a major new talent.

Clément Cogitore

Clément Cogitore, Thomas Bidegain

Jérémie Renier
Swann Arlaud
Kevin Azaïs
Finnegan Oldfield

Farsi, French
100 min.
France, 2015
Blu-Ray, DCP, DVD

Film Movement

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