Mon amie Victoria / My Friend Victoria

In My Friend Victoria, writer-director Jean Paul Civeyrac shifts the action of Nobel prize-winning author Doris Lessing’s short story “Victoria and the Staveneys” from London to contemporary Paris, but otherwise remains faithful to Lessing’s tale of a young black woman’s uneasy relationship with a wealthy white family. Victoria (Guslagie Malanda) becomes fascinated with the family as a little girl, then later has a daughter out of wedlock with one of the sons. As she struggles both with a sense that she is losing her daughter to this bourgeois family and the growing resentment of her own son, who has a black father and does not enjoy the family’s attention, Victoria provides an unusual and welcome insight into the situation of foreigners in France today: in the most concrete terms, privilege is within her reach, but never truly hers. At first glance, My Friend Victoria is a departure for Civeyrac, a discreet but fascinating auteur whose films have sometimes flirted with the supernatural. Yet the character of Victoria and the subtle performance of Guslagie Malanda allow him to escape the clichés of social-message films and draw on the mysterious tone of his previous features to create a person whose silences open a world of questions.

Jean Paul Civeyrac

Jean Paul Civeyrac

Guslagie Malanda
Nadia Moussa
Catherine Mouchet
Pascal Greggory

95 min.
France, 2014
Blu-ray, DCP, DVD

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