Marguerite Dumont is an incredibly wealthy woman who has devoted her
life to singing opera. There’s only one problem and it’s a problem no one will
dare to mention to her, starting with her husband: she cannot sing in tune to
save her life. From this brilliant premise based on the true story of Florence
Foster Jenkins, the American socialite and calamitous singer who inspired
the recent Meryl Streep film (and a character in Citizen Kane), writer-director
Xavier Gianolli draws a marvelously rich tale, mining the comic possibilities as
well as the genuine tragedy of a woman living in a world of illusion sustained
by sycophants. Gianolli also creates a striking portrait of Paris in the twenties,
taking in the aristocratic milieu as well as the ferment of subversive art
movements and the Bohemian demimonde. Marguerite is a tour de force of
controlled chaos, brimming with eccentric characters and opulent set pieces,
all orbiting around the irresistible figure of Marguerite, a woman whose
dedication is an inspiration—until it turns to madness and cautionary tale.
For her unforgettable performance in Marguerite, Catherine Fort was awarded
the 2015 César (French Oscar) for best actress in a leading role.

Xavier Giannoli

Xavier Giannoli & Marcia Romano

Catherine Frot
André Marcon
Michel Fau
Christa Theret
Denis Mpunga
Sylvain Dieuaide
Aubert Fenoy
Sophia Leboutte
Théo Cholbi

English, French, Italian
129 min.
Belgium, Czech Republic,
France, 2016
Blu-Ray, DCP

Cohen Media Group

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