In The Workshop, acclaimed writer-director Laurent Cantet takes an
illuminating approach to a variety of key issues haunting contemporary
France. Olivia, a successful Parisian novelist, has been hired to spend
the summer in La Ciotat, a beautiful but economically battered town
on the Mediterranean, teaching a writing workshop for a diverse group
of young people whose only common denominator, as is so often the
case among twentysomethings in the French provinces, is that they
are unemployed. Among them are an emancipated but religious Mus-
lim woman, students proud of their region’s strong but declining his-
tory of labor movements, recent immigrants, some hedonists focused
on the next party, and Antoine, a strikingly intelligent, confrontational
young man with affiliations to extreme right-wing groups. Through
class discussions and the conflicts that ensue, Cantet presents an
unflinching look at the delicate integration of conflicting religious and
cultural beliefs in a period plagued by the threat of terrorism. And as
Olivia attempts to understand what brought Antoine to embrace a rep-
rehensible ideology, The Workshop builds into a breathtaking thriller
that deftly avoids formulaic answers to provide startling insight into a
situation that applies far beyond France.

Laurent Cantet

Robin Campillo
Laurent Cantet

Marina Foïs
Matthieu Lucci
Warda Rammach
Issam Talbi
Florian Beaujean
Mamadou Doumbia
Julien Souve
Mélissa Guilbert
Olivier Thouret
Lény Sellam

Drama, Thriller
113 min.
France, 2017
DCP, Blu-Ray, DVD, Pro-Res

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