What is the grant’s amount?
$2,200 to show 6 films (five contemporary and one classic) The films can be shown either in 35mm or digital.
Home video (Netflix, etc.) is not an acceptable format for festivals and is not covered by the Tournées Film Festival grant.

Is the grant money to be used only to pay for the screening rights and rental fees, or can it also be used to help publicize the event?
The grant can also be used to cover promotional costs.

Is there a minimum number of films that we have to show?
Are 2 or 3 films sufficient for it to be considered a festival?
At least 6 films (five featured and/or alternative and one classic) must be shown in order to receive the grant.

Do we receive the grant as a reimbursement?
Yes. The grant is paid only after we have received the completed online post-screening form, budget, and scanned invoices from the film distributors.

How/when do we receive the payment of the grant?
In order to receive the grant payment, participants must do the following:
• Complete and submit the online Post Screening Form
• Submit their Tournées Film Festival Budget as an attachment to the online form
• Submit copies of no less than 6 Distributor Invoices (or Box Office Report) as an attachment to the online form
• cc tournees@face-foundation.org on promotional Email
• please email us links to any reviews or newspaper articles related to the screenings

The grant payment is sent within 1 month of our receipt of these materials.

Are there hi-resolution files of images that can be used to make posters or should the distributors be contacted for this?
There is a members’ only space on the Tournées Film Festival website where participants can download hi-resolution stills and other promotional tools.

Do the films need to be screened within a specific time frame to be considered a “festival,” or can they be screened over the course of a semester?
The Tournées Film Festival has to be completed within a one-month period.

What is the cost of the screening rights and rental fees?
Please contact each distributor for pricing information. The prices are solely at the distributors’ discretion (see distributors contact information). Please note that public screening fees charged by film distributors are mandatory. Home video formats (like Netflix or VHS) are not acceptable for festival screening.

Do the distributors need to be paid upfront?
How does this work if the grant is paid after the completion of the festival?
Please contact each distributor for payment arrangements. Many of our past participants have been able to allocate funds to be used for upfront costs related to their festival, which are then reimbursed once they receive the grant payment (see distributors contact information).

Is it possible for a high school to apply for a grant?
No. The grant is limited to colleges and universities.

As the grant is provided for a maximum of five consecutive years, is it possible to re-apply after a few years?
Past recipients may re-apply for a grant after three years.

What are the acceptable screening formats?
35mm or Digital.

Do we go through The Tournées Film Festival program to obtain the films that we’ve selected?
No. Participants must deal directly with the distributors (see distributors contact information).

If the films are available online (NetFlix), at the local video store, or at the library, do we still need to go through the distributors?
Yes. The grant has been created to support public screenings. Any time a film is shown outside a person’s home, the screening is considered “public”. It does not matter if admission is charged or if the entity screening the film is a non-profit organization, school, or library. DVDs purchased from home video retailers do not carry Public Performance Rights so it is necessary to license the rights for such a showing.