Fort Buchanan

Equal parts gender-bending and genre-bending, Fort Buchanan is the first
feature by Benjamin Crotty, a Paris-based American director who promises
to be a major voice in contemporary cinema. The film follows the loves and
losses of a group of army wives and husbands over four seasons, from the
autumnal grays of a French forest to the burning sun of a Middle Eastern
desert. Everything about this community of army spouses defies expectations:
American soldiers speak perfect French, their barracks look like boutique
hotels or utopian architectural experiments, a daughter beats her father,
and the male officers’ husbands seamlessly blend in with the army wives. Yet
underlying this fanciful remix of reality are subtle but steady reminders of
darker truths: American wars in the Middle East, global financial crisis, and
loneliness in the era of teleconferencing. Crotty achieved his delirious blend
of melancholy and camp comedy, soap opera narrative and arty conceit by
compiling and translating dialogue from American reality shows and shaping
it into a love story and character study influenced by great French naturalists
like Eric Rohmer. The result is genuinely one-of-a-kind, an inspiring indication
of the way ahead for queer cinema in an ever-more scrambled world.

Benjamin Crotty

Benjamin Crotty

Andy Gillet
Iliana Zabeth
Mati Diop
Judith Lou Lévy

Comedy, Drama
65 min.
France, Tunisia 2016
Blu-Ray, DVD

Grasshopper Film