Isabelle Huppert reunites with Hong Sang-Soo, the South Korean
master of wryly philosophical character studies and international
beacon of independent filmmaking against the odds (he released four
films in 2018), with this delightful comedy about Claire, a French music
teacher and amateur photographer who travels to the Cannes Film
Festival for the first time. Shot in under a week during the 2016 festival,
La Caméra de Claire finds Huppert’s zany amateur artist roaming
the streets taking Polaroids of strangers, uncovering the pockets of
loneliness on the festival’s fringes. Claire’s theory that she can change
people’s lives by taking their picture is tested when she meets the
three protagonists of a festival micro-drama: Manhee, a young film
sales agent, has recently been fired by her boss Yang-hye for allegedly
having an affair with So Wan-Soo, the older director who happens to
be Yang-hye’s lover. Relying on his trademark light touch and taste
for meaningful coincidence, Hong Sang-soo turns Cannes’s sidewalk
cafés and cocktail parties into a backdrop for chance encounters and
drunken rants, whimsical digression and blunt injustice, once again
achieving his distinctive strain of wispy comedy shot through with a
vein of existential yearning.

Hong Sangsoo

Hong Sangsoo

Isabelle Huppert
Kim Minhee
Chang Mihee
Jung Jinyoung

French, English, Korean
69 min.
France, South Korea, 2017
DCP, DVD, Blu-Ray

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