Abel is leaving home for work one morning when his live-in partner
Marianne stops him with a surprising news flash in three parts: she is
pregnant, the father is Abel’s friend Paul, and she and Paul are getting
married in ten days. Flash forward ten years and Abel catches sight of
Marianne at Paul’s funeral. The couple reunite, which is where trouble
begins: Marianne’s son Joseph does not want to share her attentions
with anyone and sets about convincing Abel that Marianne killed Paul.
Meanwhile, Paul’s little sister Eve has blossomed into a beautiful
young woman and is determined to woo Abel. With his charming
second feature as a director, the actor Louis Garrel establishes
himself as a worthy heir to the François Truffaut of the Doinel cycle of
Parisian entertainments, smuggling a layer of disquiet and genuine
eccentricity under a fizzy sheen of romantic comedy. Co-written by
Jean-Claude Carrière—the supreme iconoclast behind the late films
of Luis Buñuel—A Faithful Man is delightfully fast and brief but lingers
in the memory through its peculiar details, its oddball narrative turns,
and career-best performances by Louis Garrel as Abel and his real-life
partner Laetitia Casta as Marianne.

Louis Garrel

Jean-Claude Carriere
Louis Garrel

Laetitia Casta
Louis Garrel
Lily-Rose Depp

French with English subtitles
75 min.
France, 2018
DVD, Blu-Ray

Kino Lorber, Inc.