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Can we present one of the film to our students as a “movie night” in our auditorium?
CinéSchool cannot be presented as part of an in-person “movie night” or other large film event organized by the school. The program should be used by French teachers with their students, so they can use the educational resources in class, and actively participate in the FlipGrid conversations after the screenings.
If you’re looking for in-person screenings to organize within the school, the Institut français offers a film catalog of French and French-speaking movies for young audience, through their platform IFCinéma. The screening is free of charge if it’s an in-person event organized by the school or the teachers.
Both programs are complementary as you can use IFCinéma to organize a French screening in your school while still studying a CinéSchool movie with your students during the school year.
For more information about IFCinéma. please contact Nathalie Charles at nathalie.charles@villa-albertine.org

Regarding the discussion on Flipgrid, do the students need to create their video on the weekend of the screening, or can they wait to do it the following week with the help of their teacher?
The FlipGrid discussion will be open a few days before the screening. The students will have the opportunity to record their videos on the weekend, right after having seen the film, but they can also wait until their next French class to do so. The FlipGrid discussion will be open for at least 2 weeks to let the teachers and the students enough time to discuss and share their reactions.

Can I get a screener of a film to confirm that it is appropriate for my students? 
We curated the film selection and made sure the films are appropriate for the age mentioned. We also give as much information as possible in the film description, themes and educational resources that go with them. If you have a request about one of the film, please contact Nathalie Charles at nathalie.charles@villa-albertine.org

I am a teacher in an Alliance Française. Can I include a CinéSchool film in my organized French class?
If the screening is part of an organized French class, and students work on the film using the educational documents and participating in the FlipGrid conversations, then it is possible to include a CinéSchool movie in the French class and to mention it to future students. 

Are each of the viewings done individually by the student-participants? 
Yes, screenings happen on weekends and the student will have to connect online with a link and their teacher username and password to watch the film online for free. The film will only be available during that weekend.

What is the viewing limit per film? 
We have a limit of 400 tickets per screening. We first estimated that an average of 20 classes could participate per film, but as we receive teachers’ registrations, we are adapting it with the total number of students per class. This is why we ask French teachers to give us 3 film choices. If the first choice is already “sold out,” (which means we already have a total of 400 students registered in the U.S.), we will look at their second and/or third choice.

Is it possible to present more than one CinéSchool movie during the school year?
We hope we can offer each teacher applying to CinéSchool a chance to present one movie during the school year. In case we have a low registration number on one film, and thus still have tickets available, we’ll recontact the schools and Alliances Françaises interested in that movie (as their 2nd or 3rd choices). 

Do the screenings only happen on weekends?
Yes, the screenings will happen on weekends mentioned for each film. The CinéSchool screenings are free and hosted on Festivalscope (virtual cinema platform). We will provide documents to communicate with the students and their parents on the resources page, explaining the program you’re part of, and the step-by-step way to watch the film.

Does the program CinéSchool replace Festinema? 
While some aspects may be similar with CinéSchool and Festinema – a film program for young audience, the use of educational resources -, Festinema is an in-person festival with screenings organized in local movie theaters in the U.S. While Festinema had to be cancelled in 2020 and in 2021 due to the pandemic, The Coordination Nationale des Alliances Françaises will carefuly evaluate the situation for the planning of a 2022 edition. If you have any question about Festinema, you can contact Hamza Djimli at Hamza.djimli@frenchculture.org.