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Supporting French-American Cultural Exchange in Education and the Arts

Transitioning to Virtual Exchange



International education and study abroad have been severely impacted by the current pandemic. In response, the French Embassy in the United States, the U.S. Embassy in France, and the FACE Foundation, will be supporting institutions which are creatively maintaining French-American collaboration by integrating virtual exchange or other types of global learning in their curricula. Projects need to be implemented collaboratively by at least one U.S. and one French institution of higher learning or international education provider and demonstrate why they have the potential to boost study abroad after the pandemic.

We especially encourage projects that will be part of a credit-bearing course. We will consider virtual exchange projects (including COIL) as well as any co-designed or co-taught content giving students an international perspective on their field. Initiatives strengthening existing partnerships or developing new ones, such as co-hosted faculty networking and match-making leading to virtual exchange is another high-impact practice we can support. You want to do a triangulation project with a third, ideally francophone, country? Wonderful! This call is designed to help realize your ideas in this unusual times.

The grant funds may be used for project-related expenses, which include salary in support of time needed for developing the course. Grants will be in the amount of up to $7,500.00 per project.

Eligibility Criteria

We do accept applications from all kinds of international education providers, including higher education institutions and private facilitators.

Eligible projects must:

– Be carried out collaboratively.
– Be submitted by a designated coordinator (either the French or American partner).
– Integrate global learning in the curriculum across all disciplines.
– Be part of credit-bearing courses.
– Have a potential impact on future in-person study abroad.


Applications open: July 1st
Selection: Projects will be reviewed on a rolling basis
Final deadline: October 30, 2020.
Results will be sent by email about 4 weeks after submission.

Projects should be carried out before September 2021

Application Form

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We are very happy to talk with you prior to the submission to assist you in addressing the necessary proposal elements effectively.

Send requests for consultation to: Katrin.Gebhard@diplomatie.gouv.fr