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In order to complete your application to the Acquisition of Rights program, you will have to send two original hard copies of the signed convention to the following address:
Acquisition of Rights / Book Department
Cultural Services of the French Embassy
972 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10075

Applications sent without the original convention will NOT be considered.


Applicant's first name

Applicant's last name

Profession - Title


Phone number



Title of the book in French

Author's name


Book genre

Collection - Series

Year of first publication

Number of pages

Brief description of the project (max. 200 words)

Has the author already been translated into English? YesNo

Title, publisher and translator of his/her books already translated into English


French publisher's name

Contact name


Phone number



The book is represented by the following agency


Translator's name(s)
(author of the translation sample AND intended translator for the publication of this book)


Phone number



Does this project have an American publisher? YesNo

- If YES, please fill in:

- American publisher's name

- Name of the person responsible for signing the contracts

- Title of the person responsible for signing the contracts

- Address

- Phone number

- E-mail

- Website

- Rights acquisition

- Total budget for this project in U.S. Dollars

- Translator’s fees in U.S. Dollars

- Budget for advertising and promotion in U.S. Dollars

- For Hemingway Grant only, amount requested in U.S. Dollars

- For Acquisition of Rights grant only, amount requested in Euros

- For Acquisition of Rights grant only, if contract was negotiated in Dollars, please specify the exchange rate applied to your budget

- Date on which the Acquisition or Rights contract was drafted (DD/MM/YY)

- Book price in U.S. Dollars

- Expected date of printing

- Expected date of publication

- Number of copies for first printing

- Detailed publicity and promotional planning
(ex. Book tours, launch parties, social media campaigns, etc)


Templates and information are available below:

You can only upload .doc / .docx / .pdf / .xls / .xlsx files
Maximum file size is 5mb, except for the excerpts in English and French (max. 10MB).
Files that exceed these size limits will not allow your application to go through.

Author’s Bio / Bibliography
(French Voices, Hemingway Grant and Acquisition of Rights)

Excerpt in English
(French Voices, Hemingway Grant)
A 10-12 page, double-spaced sample of the translation. The author of the translation sample must be the intended translator for the publication of this book. The sample translation should not mention the name of the translator.

Excerpt in French
(French Voices, Hemingway Grant)
The application must include a scanned version of the translated passage in French.

Translator’s Bio. Please provide a few redacted lines, not a CV.
(French Voices, Hemingway Grant)

Translator - Publisher contract
(French Voices, Hemingway Grant)
A signed copy of the contract between the translator and the American publisher.

Acquisition of Rights contract
(French Voices, Hemingway Grant and Acquisition of Rights)
A signed copy of the contract between the French publisher and the American publisher.

A letter from the copyright holder
(French Voices, Hemingway Grant and Acquisition of Rights)
A scanned letter of the copyright holder stating that English-language rights to the book are available if a contract has not yet been signed.

Signed convention
(Acquisition of Rights)
Signed convention with the Institut français.

Budget in Euros
(Acquisition of Rights)
A signed and dated balanced budget in Euros. For contracts negotiated in US dollars, you must use the official exchange rate provided by the French Ministry of Finance on the date on which the contract was drafted. The proper conversion rate is the most recently provided rate at the time of the contract's drafting.
Exemple: The proper conversion rate for a contract drafted on November 25th 2018 is the one on November 1st 2018 and not the one on December 1st 2018.

Please be advised that if your project is selected for a grant or award, you may be required to furnish additional documents.


Please specify if you have sent or plan to send an application to the following programs:
- French Ministry of Culture / CNL : YesNo
- Burgess Grants (UK) : YesNo

I, the applicant, hereby certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct. I am aware that in order to confirm my application, I will have to send three copies of the book in French along with a digital version of the book to the following address:

Book Department
Cultural Services of the French Embassy
972 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10075

Please send the digital copy of the book to

Applications missing the books will NOT be considered.

Please do not close this window until you see the confirmation that your application has gone through.

If your application does not go through, please double check the following:
- Size of your uploads: documents sizes should not exceed 5mb (10mb for the translation excerpts).
- All mandatory fields must have been filed out.
- All files should have different names.
If you’re still having problems please send your documents to