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Tournées Film Festival


Next Call for Application:
Spring 2021. To Be Announced.

We now present you the VIRTUAL Tournées Film Festival!

— Choose a minimum of six films (5 contemporary + 1 classic) from the Films Selection list.

— If selected, you will book your screenings directly with the distributors which are now all using various platforms (Vimeo, Eventive etc.). Instead of receiving a DVD, distributors will then send a password-protected and time-limited link (technical details and terms will vary depending on the platform and distributors).

The grant to cover the cost of screening SIX FILMS is $2,200.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a grant, you must be affiliated with an American college or university with nonprofit status. Candidates must plan to show the films as part of a festival consisting of a minimum of six films, and the screenings must take place within a six-week period. The films may be presented as part of a larger film festival.

Please note that the grant is paid retroactively, upon receipt by FACE Foundation of all necessary post-screening documents and materials.

Application Recommendations

The application is the primary tool used by the Selection Committee to choose the grant recipients. Therefore it’s extremely important that you are as thorough and detailed in your answers as possible in order to adequately convey the concept for your festival, and your enthusiasm for the project.

Even if your institution has participated in the program in the past, you still need to submit a new application. Please do not assume that we are familiar with your school and festival. And please be aware that we closely review the Post Screening Forms when considering applications from past grant recipients.

We strongly encourage collaboration with other departments and professors as we have seen that this generally results in far more successful festivals. The more people involved, and the greater the financial commitment, the better the promotional and organizational outcome. One possibility is to establish a committee to select the films and organize the festival. You should also plan to have someone introduce the screenings and facilitate post-screening discussions. This usually results in a larger audience.

We also recommend including the screenings as part of a curriculum or as an extra credit option. We have learned from past participants that students who are required to attend form a core audience at the festivals. And Professors who assign the screenings as part of a course are usually more apt to get involved with the promotion and organization of the festival. You should also encourage student involvement in the organization of the festival via internships or work-study programs. There are many students who are genuinely interested in this kind of work and it can be a good way to increase interest and attendance at the festival.

Choose your opening night film wisely. Selecting a more accessible first film is a good way to draw a wider audience at the outset and ideally create interest in the films to follow. If the first film is too challenging, this can negatively impact audience turnout for the duration of the festival.

If you have any questions about your application, send us an email at tournees@face-foundation.org. We will be happy to help you.



Contact the U.S. distributor of each film and arrange for the payment of projection rights. Be sure to contact the distributor before finalizing your program dates.


The Tournées Film Festival grant is fixed at $2,200 and may not cover all of your expenses. In the Film Selection page, we have quoted typical pricing for each film, but fees for screening rights are negotiable and may depend on size of attendance. Check with each distributor and make sure to mention your participation in Tournées Film Festival in your negotiation.


Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter are a good way to promote the festival: creating a group or an event on such platforms gives people regular updates regarding the festival.

ALL PUBLICITY MATERIALS MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING CREDIT LINE: “Tournées Film Festival is made possible with the support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S., the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC), the French American Cultural Fund, Florence Gould Foundation, and Highbrow Entertainment.”


In order to receive payment of the grant, you will have to do the following by June 30, 2021:

  • – Fill out your post-screening report using the online form, found at face-foundation.org/tournees-film-festival/post-screening-form
  • – Upload (within the online form) or email (tournees@face-foundation.org) a document containing the information regarding your Tournées Film Festival budget.
  • – Upload (within the online form) or email (tournees@face-foundation.org) copies of the distributors’ invoices
  • – Please email links to any reviews or newspaper articles related to screenings. The final payment of your grant is contingent on the reception of the above-mentioned materials by the Program Officer. You will receive the payment of the grant within a month of submitting your materials.


Sandrine Neveux
Program Officer