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Festival Grant

For the last 27 years, Tournées Film Festival has brought the best of French cinema to American campuses, funding more than 1,000 French Film Festivals through its generous grant program. We are thrilled that our Festival Grant will now be part of Albertine Cinémathèque and will continue to support French film festival on campuses as part of a larger project championing French cinema.

How to apply for the FESTIVAL GRANT:

  • You must be a member of Albertine Cinémathèque, become a member for FREE.
  • Fill in the FESTIVAL GRANT Application form before June 10 2022.
  • You must plan to show the films as part of a festival consisting of a minimum of 6 films including at least 1 Classic (the films may be presented as part of a larger film festival) – Members have to choose films from the Committee Picks 2022/2023 (at least 3 Contemporary and at least 1 Classic) and can complete their selection with films from the Film Selection 2021/2022 if they wish.
  • The screenings must take place within the university year for which the grant has been allocated.
  • Please be as thorough and detailed as possible in order to adequately convey the concept for your festival, and your enthusiasm for the project (even if your institution has participated in the program in the past, please do not assume that we are familiar with your school and festival).
  • Please plan your budget in details, the amount of the grant might not cover the full cost of your festival and will be processed after your festival has taken place. We highly recommend that you consider raising additional funds.
  • Members are eligible to receive a Festival Grant for several consecutive years, but they must reapply each year even if their institution has participated in the program in the past.
  • We will notify respondents of our decision beginning of July.

What’s next if you are selected for the FESTIVAL GRANT:

  • Contact the distributors to book the films and arrange for the screenings.
  • Raise additional funds: the grant will only cover the screening fees up to 6 films and will not cover all your other expenses (promotion, venue rental, additional cost for a larger audience, etc…).
  • Promote and organize your Festival!
  • Both Albertine Cinémathèque and FACE Foundation logos should be included and the credit line should be: [supported by.] Albertine Cinematheque, a program of FACE Foundation and Villa Albertine, with support from the CNC / Centre National du Cinema, and SACEM / Fonds Culturel Franco-Américain
  • Send us your post-screening materials: a post-screening report using the online form, a document containing the information regarding your festival budget, copies of the distributors’ invoices, links to any reviews or newspaper articles related to screenings.
  • Receive your Festival Grant: we will process your payment and send you a check of $2,200 within 2 months after receipt of the post screening materials.

What’s next if you are not selected for the festival grant:

We will only select a few universities/colleges but:

  • You can still book the films with the distributors and organize your festival or just organize a few events with the films of your choice.
  • You can still enjoy all the benefits of our membership.
  • Please reapply next year!


Sandrine Neveux
Program Officer
T (929) 505 0839