Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse / My Golden Days

With My Golden Days, Arnaud Desplechin reinterprets the couple at the heart of My Sex Life, the 1996 feature that established him early and definitively as one of the reigning auteurs of our era. A prequel, a sequel, and an utterly satisfying work in its own right, My Golden Days is told in flashback by the great Mathieu Amalric, who returns to the role of Paul Dedalus to recount three defining phases of his youth: a prepubescent escape from home to go live with a lesbian great-aunt, a school trip to the Soviet Union during which he sneaks off to give his passport to a dissident, and the passionate up-and-down relationship with Esther that will see him through his years as an anthropology student in Paris. As ever with Desplechin, the narrative has the discursive depth of a modernist novel and the emotional immediacy of a Technicolor film. One of the film’s chief pleasures is seeing Desplechin extend his study of family bonds and romantic partnerships to teenagers for the first time, ushering a wildly talented new group of actors onto the screen. Quentin Dolmaire is as eccentric as his predecessor Amalric, but brings a touching earthy quality to the teenage Paul Dedalus. As for newcomer Lou Roy-Lecollinet, she turns Esther into one of the great mystery women of cinema, holding the camera’s gaze with an entrancing blend of vulnerability and self-possession.

Arnaud Desplechin

Arnaud Desplechin, Julie Peyr

Mathieu Amalric
Quentin Dolmaire
Lou Roy-Lecollinet

120 min.
France, 2015

Magnolia Pictures