Qu’Allah bénisse la France! / May Allah Bless France!

May Allah Bless France! is the invigorating first feature by acclaimed French
rapper and novelist Abd Al Malik, a coming-of-age story and redemption
tale based on the writer-director’s own youth in the beleaguered projects
of Strasbourg. The film follows the struggles of Régis, a budding rapper
who relies on petty crime to fund his passion for music. But as his fellow
musicians get lured into drug dealing, teenage Régis finds salvation in the
classics of French literature and his conversion to Sufi Islam. While Abd Al
Malik’s edifying hymn to education and tolerance is first and foremost a boldly
idealistic statement, it is also a profoundly satisfying cinematic experience,
shot in high-contrast black and white and full of powerful stylistic devices
that break with convention to heighten the impact of everyday violence and
injustice. Fluidly adapting his talents as a storyteller to the screen, Abd Al
Malik revisits the “banlieue film”—the sub genre of films dealing with restless
youth in France’s tough suburbs, launched by Mathieu Kassovitz’s La Haine
in 1995—not only to give an insider’s update, but to break with the genre’s
suffocating pessimism. In these challenging times for France, and particularly
for French Muslims, this intelligent and accessible call for a potential way
forward is nothing short of essential viewing.

Abd Al Malik

Abd Al Malik

Marc Zinga
Sabrina Ouazani
Larouci Didi

French, Arabic, Lingala
96 min.
France, 2015

Strand Releasing