La mort de Louis XIV / The Death of Louis XIV

After rising to the top of the festival circuit with astonishing retellings of Don
Quixote, the Nativity, and the life of Casanova, the unpredictable Catalan
auteur Albert Serra takes on two icons at once: the Sun King and the celebrated
French actor Jean-Pierre Léaud. By offering the role of Louis XIV to the man
who played Antoine Doinel in The 400 Blows and its sequels, as well as starring
in epochal modernist films by Godard and Pasolini, Serra has given film lovers
the opportunity to once more marvel at the unmatched talent of a performer
whose every gesture and intonation seems a work of poetry. Playing Louis XIV
in the last days of his life, surrounded by his obsequious courtiers and—in one
hilarious scene—his beloved greyhounds, Léaud reaches new heights, using
his aura as a legend of cinema to cast the long shadow of a fading Sun King.
Serra’s trademark philosophical wit is put to good use in this warts-and-all
depiction of the frailty of a feared monarch, as is his marvelous command of
chiaroscuro lighting. Inspired by the memoirs of the duc de Saint-Simon, The
Death of Louis XIV feels as rigorously accurate as it is profoundly imaginative.

Albert Serra

Albert Serra & Thierry Lounas

Jean-Pierre Léaud
Patrick D’Assumçao
Marc Susini
Iréne Silvagni
Bernard Belin
Jacques Henric

Historical Drama
115 min.
France, Portugal, Spain, 2016
Blu-Ray, DCP, DVD

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$450 DCP
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