An absorbing, compassionate examination of a real-life relationship between a psychoanalyst and his patient, Arnaud Desplechin’s film is set in 1948 at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas. It is there that James Picard (Benicio Del Toro), a Blackfoot Indian and World War II veteran, has sought treatment for his paralyzing headaches and catatonic episodes. When the ex-soldier’s brain tests show no abnormalities, the hospital staff decides to summon Georges Devereux (Mathieu Amalric), a French anthropologist and psychoanalyst with extensive knowledge of Native American tribes in the southwest. As Devereux begins his talk therapy with Picard, we witness the extraordinary process of an ill man determined to uncover the source of his distress. Responding to Devereux’s spirited yet forbearing prompting, Picard, taciturn at first, digs deeper and deeper into his past, the roots of his psychic torment glimpsed through dream sequences and flashbacks. Refusing to offer tidy solutions to mental anguish, Jimmy P. is nonetheless a hopeful film, one that reminds us of the tremendous amount of good that can be accomplished by a doctor willing to listen and a patient committed to confronting painful, long-repressed memories.

Marvelous. Poignant. Extraordinarily idiosyncratic. The best and most moving case for psychoanalysis ever dramatized on film.
—Amy Taubin, Film Comment

Arnaud Desplechin

Arnaud Desplechin, Kent Jones, Julie Peyr

Jimmy Picard: Benecio Del Toro
Georges Devereux: Mathieu Amalric

Official Selection – Cannes Film Festival, New York Film Festival, and City of Lights, City of Angels (COLCOA) French Film Festival (2013), César Awards (2014)

GENRE Drama/Biopic
LANGUAGE English, French
PRODUCTION France, U.S., 2013
RATING Unrated
FORMAT(S) DCP, Blu-ray, and DVD

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