I Don’t Belong Anywhere: le cinéma de Chantal Akerman / I Don’t Belong Anywhere: The Cinema of Chantal Akerman

When Belgian writer-director Chantal Akerman died in the fall of 2015, the
outpouring of stricken tributes from around the world underlined that one of
the most significant artists of our era had passed, a filmmaker who had worked
so long and so steadily, in so many mediums and such different scales, that
her art may have come to be taken for granted. Some may know that Chantal
Akerman directed the landmark feature Jeanne Dielman in 1975, entering
film history at the age of 25 with a movie hailed as a feminist masterpiece,
but few, if any, could realize the extent of her achievement. With I Don’t
Belong Anywhere, Akerman’s close friend and collaborator Marianne Lambert
provides the first overall picture of her work, an ideal introduction to those
who have not yet discovered her films and a thought-provoking opportunity
to revisit and make new connections for those who have. Moving astutely
between extensive clips from the films and her own footage of Akerman in
conversation, Lambert identifies key themes—the lives of women, urban life
and exile, Judaism, the Holocaust, the United States and Russia—and creates
a portrait of the artist as a generous, strikingly intelligent woman. In allowing
us to hear once more from a filmmaker who refused all labels, I Don’t Belong
Anywhere is an invigorating reminder of art’s task to break down borders and
extend new frontiers.

Marianne Lambert

Luc Jabon & Marianne Lambert

Chantal Akerman

English, French
67 min.
Belgium, 2016
Blu-Ray, DCP, DVD

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