Avril et le monde truqué / April and the Extraordinary World

This one-of-a-kind animated adventure film ushers the viewer into an
alternate reality in which the Bonapartes still rule France, electricity was
never discovered, trees are a distant memory, and a steam-driven cable car
connects Paris to Berlin. In this dystopic steampunk landscape, scientists
have mysteriously disappeared for decades and April Franklin, the brilliant
young descendant of a long line of chemists is in danger of being next. With
the help of a shady drifter called Julius and her talking cat Darwin, April sets
off to find her missing parents, while trying to keep the “invincibility serum”
she has developed out of the hands of the imperial police—and those of a
nefarious group of intelligent Komodo dragons! Based on the unmistakable
blend of urban grit and historical fantasy found in the drawings of Jacques
Tardi, one of France’s most influential graphic novelists of the last half
century, April and the Extraordinary World is not only an engrossing, wildly
imaginative entertainment for the whole family but a slyly feminist statement,
an ode to science, and an earnest plea for world peace. It is also one of the
finest showcases for the visionary work being done in contemporary French

Christian Desmares & Franck Ekinci

Franck Ekinci & Benjamin Legrand

CAST (Voices)
FRENCH Version:
Marion Cotillard
Jean Rochefort
Oliver Gourmet
Marc-Andre Grondin
Bouli Lanners

ENGLISH Version:
Angela Galuppo
Tony Hale
Paul Giamatti
Susan Sarandon
JK Simmons

Adventure, Animation, Family
103 min.
Belgium, Canada, France, 2015