Inspired by the true story of high-school students in a Massachusetts fishing town who made a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together, 17 Girls, set in a French seaside village, intelligently examines, but never judges, the motivations of its adolescent protagonists. In their first film, sisters Delphine and Muriel Coulin explore the dynamics of a clique of girls led by Camille, who announces to her classmates during gym class that she’s expecting a baby. The members of her inner circle (and those who’d like to be part of this select group) announce that they will get pregnant, too, in solidarity. Their promise may be inspired by childish wishes for popularity, quasi-feminist, utopian notions of “sisterhood,” or by the desire to feel that something beyond the humdrum is possible for them in their small, dead-end town. Yet 17 Girls isn’t interested in providing answers to what ultimately can’t be explained; instead of making sociological pronouncements, the film more intriguingly observes the teenagers’ often contradictory concepts of freedom, the future, parenthood, and autonomy.

“Impressively, the rookie scribe-helmers’ sense of equilibrium is unerring and also surprisingly subtle. The Coulins, who also wrote the screenplay, do not take sides, simply observing the teens as they deal with and react to what is happening around and inside them. The narrative neatly balances slightly surreal events with a realistic setting.”
Boyd van Hoeij, Variety.

Delphine & Muriel Coulin

Delphine & Muriel Coulin

Camille: Louise Grinberg
Julia: Juliette Darche
Florence: Roxane Durand
Clémentine: Yara Pilartz
Mathilde: Solène Rigot

PRODUCTION France, 2011
RATING Not Rated
FORMAT(S) 35mm, Blu-ray, Digibeta, HDcam, DVD

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