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Application deadline:
April 9th, 2017

All files must be received by midnight EST.

Late or incomplete applications cannot be considered.

The complete application must include the following documents:

• The application form to be filled-out in PDF format.
• The filled-out budget template in Excel format.
• Two letters of intent, signed by the President, Chancellor, Provost, Head of Department, Head ofLaboratory, Head of the International Relations Office, Head of the Contracts & Grants Office, or anycomparable representative: one for each institution. This letter can be either in French or in English;a translation is not necessary. This letter must be in PDF format (NOT to exceed 200 K).
• Two curriculum vitae of each of the project leaders, stating their current affiliations (not to exceed TWOpages each). The biographical resumes must be in English. The CVs must be in Word or PDF formats(NOT to exceed 1MB, no pictures).




Thomas Jefferson Fund Application [pdf]


Letter of Intent [doc]

Budget Template [xls]


Indicative Calendar:
• Selection of 2017 grantees: June 2017
• Official announcement of the 2017 grantees: June 2017
• Launch of the selected projects: July 2017




French Embassy in the U.S.
Higher Education Department



Partners & Sponsors  


The Programs

Tournées Film Festival
Films on the Green
French U.S. Exchange in Dance with NEFA
French Dual Language Program
French Heritage Language Program
Partner University Fund
French Voices
Contemporay Music
French-American Jazz Exchange with MAAF
Contemporary Theater
Visual Arts


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