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Nanoelectronics International Associated Laboratory Launch

Thanks to the support of the Partner University Fund (PUF), a remarkable transatlantic collaboration in nanoelectronics between New York University, University of California at San Diego, Université Paris-Sud and Université de Lorraine, culminated with the launch of an International Associated Laboratory (LIA). This “lab without walls” will enable the Franco-American team of internationally recognized researchers to pursue their collaboration, which is predicted to further push frontiers of technology. It will also favor French and American technological progress and competitiveness in the key area of mass data storage.

The launch of this lab entitled “Nanoelectronics, from new phenomena to low-power electronics” and sponsored by the French National Center for Scientific Research, was celebrated during a reception hosted by the French Ambassador Gérard Araud at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York on September 15, 2015.

Albert Fert, Nobel Laureate in Physics and often regarded as the “father of spintronics”, was the guest of honor of this reception. His discoveries laid the foundations for the advances made by the four founders of this lab, Dafiné Ravelosona (Université Paris Sud), Andrew Kent (New York University), Eric Fullerton (University of California at San Diego) and Stéphane Mangin (Université de Lorraine). This team of visionary scientists is paving the way for the manufacturing of ever more compact and powerful electronic devices, such as computers and mobile phones. Industrial clients have already shown strong interest for the hardware produced by their start-ups.

Outstanding PhD students involved in PUF projects in nanotechnologies were invited to introduce the remarkable scientific outcomes of their research through interactive and captivating poster presentations. They furthermore explained how the PUF program boosted their careers and transformed them into experts in their fields.

“PUF has been a life-changing experience!” says Léo Negre, a French PhD student from the PUF project between Drexel University and Université Paris Sud. “Thanks to PUF, I had the unique opportunity to work side by side with world famous professors. With the Franco-American network I have built, I am now in a good position to pursue my scientific career in academic or industrial research across the Atlantic”.

NYU PhD candidates explained how the discovery of new nanostructured magnetic materials by their PUF project’s team is about to revolutionize the field of memory technology. PhD students from GeorgiaTech presented their discoveries of new transport properties of graphene with Université de Lorraine, opening the door for the development of more energy-efficient memory and faster processors in computers. Drexel University PhD Students, in partnership with the Université de Toulouse - Paul Sabatier, presented the revolutionary renewable energy storage methods that they are investigating. This alternative to lithium batteries also offers possible major applications in the aerospace and military industries.



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