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Supporting French-American Cultural Exchange in Education and the Arts

Guidelines & Eligibility

New Music Fund awards grants up to $ 25,000 through an open, competitive application process for projects taking place either in France or the United States and/or their respective territories, involving French and American composers, musicians and ensembles.

The fund will prioritize new commissions, residencies, performances and tours involving new generations of composers and reflecting the cultural and artistic diversity of the French and American contemporary music scene. Special attention will be given to projects that have the capacity to reach new audiences and engage communities through public performances. Additional funding for projects involving women composers and musicians will be provided by Fondation CHANEL.



New Music Fund encourages applications for projects resulting in the creation of new works, such as new commissions and residencies. It also supports masterclasses, performances and tours of French artists and ensembles in the U.S., and American artists and ensembles in France.

— Projects must take place in France or the United States, and/or their respective territories, or in both countries between September 1, 2018 and August 30, 2019.
— Commissions and residencies may include arranging, composing, rehearsing, performing, and recording.
— Performances and tours must include at least 3 shows or public programs (masterclasses can be considered as well).
— Works presented must be composed by living composers.

Priority will be given to:

— Projects involving artists or living composers whose work has rarely been seen in the partner country;
— New commissions
— Projects presented in a minimum of 3 different cities;
— Projects involving new generations of composers;
— Projects involving women artists and/or composers;
— Projects reflecting the cultural and artistic diversity of the French and American music scene; - Projects experimenting new forms of music, including computer and electronic music.

The fund will not support:

— Individual artists directly;
— Ensembles or composers that have received support by FACE 3 times or more.



Grants can support up to 50% of the global budget of a project, and for an amount that cannot exceed $ 25,000. Funding may be used towards the following:

— Travel-related expenses (international airfare, domestic travel, accommodations, and per diem);
— Visa fees;
— Artist fees;
— Equipment and space rentals;
— Marketing;
— Production costs related to the artistic project only.

All individuals and ensembles must obtain the required travel documentation to legally enter the United States and France. If the proposed project involves a public performance in the United States or France, artists must follow immigration law and secure the necessary work visa prior to the performance.



New Music Fund offers financial support in the form of grants to American or French nonprofit organizations that present or produce the artists.

— American organizations must present a project by French or France-based artists or by artists from the francophone world; French organizations must present a project by American artists.
— American or French organizations must demonstrate their nonprofit status (501(c)3 or association loi 1901).
— The organization (presenter, festival, university) must show a clear financial and artistic commitment towards the project.
— For tours in the U.S., each presenting venue can apply individually.
— Companies and ensembles may submit applications for performances and tours only if they have written engagement from presenting partners.



Applications must be submitted on or before the published deadline. All applications must be submitted in English.

Please email Application Form & Budget to:



A panel composed of French and American professionals will review applications submitted for consideration and make recommendations for support. Final approval of grants is made by the Board of Directors of FACE based on panel recommendations.

All applicants will be notified in writing of the panel’s decision by June 30, 2018. The decisions of the panel are final and may not be appealed.






Final report forms are issued with the grant contract. Final reports must be submitted no later than 30 days after the grant period end date. Final reports require a description of work completed during the project period along with a brief accounting of expenditures.



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Program Officer



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