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French Artists / Companies
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This year, 9 institutions received grants for projects including artists' residencies and tours in France and in the U.S. for a total amount of $106,500. The selection reflects the cultural and artistic diversity seen in dance today. This year,  FUSED especially honored female artists.

In 2018, special attention was given to artists presented in major festivals, among them, the hip hop and break dance company Art Moves Concept (Soria Rem and Mehdi Ouachek) at the upcoming Jacob's Pillow Festival with special composition from their works Nibiru and Exit;  French-Algerian choreographer and performer Nacera Belaza in a major U.S. tour with three of her repertory work that will take her to Portland at PICA-Time Based Art Festival, to CAC New Orleans, part of New Orleans 300 anniversary, and to New York at Danspace Project, part of FIAF-Crossing the line festival from mid September to early October;  Boris Charmatz with10,000 Gestures in which every single movement is unique and never repeatedat NYU Skirball, also part of Crossing the Line Festival this fall;  and Compagnie Hervé Koubi at Spoleto Festival USA 2019 withThe Barbarian Nights.

New and original artistic collaborations between visual artists and performers were also part of the 2018 selection:  Theo Mercier and Steven Michel in Affordable Solution for Better Living presented by Invisible Dog Art Center this fall;  the set designer and visual artist Nadia Lauro and U.S. composer and multi-instrumentalist Zeena Parkins' new project Stychomythia featuring Volmir Cordeiro, Stephen Thompson and Latifa Laabissi at Gibney Dance, part of American Realness 2019;  performer and visual artist Paul Maheke and musician Niksi in residency for the development of a series of site-specific performances at Abrons Arts Center, New York, in Spring 2019.

In France, support went to the Théâtre de Chaillot, Paris,  for the residency and presentation of The Keeper by Yaa Samar! Dance Theater in June,  and to Actoral, Marseille for Maria Hassabi's performance Stage? to be presented part of the festival Actoral 2018.


Exit & Nibiru
by Compagnie Art Move Concept

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Lenox, MA
July 18-22, 2018


Jacob’s Pillow Festival will present French hip hop break dance company Art Move Concept with two of their recent creations Exit and Nibiru from July 18 to 22, 2018.

With the ability to transcend traditional moves by mixing contemporary dance with circus arts and mime, Art Move Concept led by French hip hop artists Soria Rem and Mehdi Ouachek is a genre-blurring tour de force of movement and motion. They will make their Pillow debut with physically thrilling, emotionally-driven work that showcases intricate technical refinement. Talks and educational activities will be organized with dance communities and audiences to show how hip hop and street dance have been embraced by European artists.


U.S. tour of Nacera Belaza’s trilogy La Nuit, La TraversEe, Sur le fil
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, OR
New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center, LA
Danspace Project, New York, NY
September 11-October 7, 2018



Algerian-French choreographer Nacera Belaza will have her first major tour in the United States with stops in Portland, New York, and for the first time ever in New Orleans, LA, with a trilogy of works that includes La Nuit (a solo), La Traversée (a trio) and Sur Le Fil (a quartet).  The trilogy demonstrates the extreme rigor with which Belaza approaches choreography and time.  Her work is relentless yet transcendent for both performers and audiences.  Repetitive spinning forms the core of the work and leads viewers on an immersive journey.
Belaza’s performances will be part of major festivals and events: Time Based Art Festival in Portland, Crossing the lines Festival at Danspace Project, New York,  and the 300th anniversary of the City of New Orleans, giving a great visibility for this artist.


10,000 Gestures
by Boris Charmatz

NYU Skirball Center, New York, NY
September 28-29, 2018


NYU Skirball Center as part of FIAF’s Crossing the Line Festival will present 10,000 Gestures, by choreographer Boris Charmatz in September 2018. A 24-strong ensemble of dancers will execute in succession 10,000 gestures, none repeated, every one unique, over an hour-long performance accompanied by Mozart's Requiem. Exploring the idea that dance is ephemeral, 10,000 Gestures reinvents the choreographic language in thrilling fashion.

Boris Charmatz is a French choreographer widely celebrated for his experimental approach of contemporary dance, whether it is solely composed of everyday actions or performed by children. He was recently acclaimed at Sadler’s Wells and Tate Modern and was last seen in New York at MoMA in 2013 where he presented Levée des Conflits Extended.


by Nadia Lauro and Zeena Parkins,
performed by Volmir Cordeiro, Stephen Thompson, and Latifa Laabissi

Gibney Dance, New York, NY
January 6-12, 2019


For the 10th edition of American Realness Festival in January 2019, Gibney will present Stychomythia, a collaborative creation between visual artist and set designer Nadia Lauro, and pioneer of contemporary harp Zeena Parkins. Stychomythia will bring together Nadia Lauro’s research on anamorphic carpets and visual illusions, and Zeena Parkins’ work on lace scoring to question perception and the distortion of reality. After a short residency, the two collaborators will invite acclaimed dancers Volmir Cordeiro, Stephen Thompson and Latifa Laabissi to perform on their creation.


Residency and performance by Paul Maheke and Melika Ngome Kolongo (Nkisi)
Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY
March 18-31, 2019


Abrons Arts Center will present the U.S. premiere of French visual artist and performer Paul Maheke and electronic music composer Nkisi’s performance. As part of Abrons’ multidisciplinary residency program, AIRspace, the two artists will work during a two-week residency on Dr. Fu-Kiau Bunseki’s writing African Cosmologies of the Bantu-Kongo, to explore Bantu-Kongo’s philosophical principles within identity politics. This interdisciplinary work will include a movement-based performance, an immersive multimedia installation of custom designed textile, video, and sculptural objects, serving as the set design for five duets performed by the artists. The performance will then tour to the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and run through March 31.

Maheke’s current research imagines the body as an archive using its waters as pathways to information and knowledge. With a strong dance dimension, this investigation occupy a metaphorical space wherein which the body resonates and echoes with the broader socio-political and historical context.


The Barbarian Nights or the First Dawns of the World
by Compagnie HervE Koubi

Spoleto Festival USA, Charleston, SC
May 24-27, 2019


After a three-year U.S. tour for its show What the Day Owes to the Night, Compagnie Hervé Koubi will come for the first time to Spoleto Festival USA in May 2019, to present its recent creation, The Barbarian Nights or the First Dawns of the World. With this new work, Hervé Koubi and his twelve Algerian and Burkina Faso dancers mostly coming from street dance and hip-hop will invite the American audience to explore the mixture of cultures and religions of the Mediterranean basin.


Affordable Solution for Better Living
by ThEo Mercier and Steven Michel

Invisible Dog Art Center, New York, NY
October 25-November 3, 2018


The Invisible Dog Art Center will present the U.S. premiere of Affordable Solution for Better Living, created by visual artist and stage director Théo Mercier and choreographer Steven Michel in fall 2018. Based on some home-assembled furniture of Ikea, this performance will combine objects and a dancer to deconstruct an economy based only on well-doing. This performance will take the body itself as a kit, and the assembly instructions as dance notation.


Residence of Yaa Samar! Dance Theater – Samar Haddad King
Théâtre national de Chaillot, Paris
June 2018


Théâtre de Chaillot has invited the company Yaa Samar! Dance Theater for one-month-long residence in Paris for the development of a new work The Keeper. Two French artists will join the creative process and open rehearsals are scheduled at the end of the residence.

Led by New York based choreographer Samar Haddad King, in collaboration with playwright/theater director Amir Nizar Zuabi, and seven dancers, The Keeper explores the deep and complex connection to land as habitat and homeland and engages audiences around the central question of what it means to belong to a place.


by choreographer Maria Hassabi

Festival ActOral in partnership with DANSEM Festival, Marseille
September 28 and 29, 2018


The international performing arts festival ActOral, Marseille, has invited for the first time in Marseille the New York based choreographer and artist Maria Hassabi with Staged?
With Staged?, Maria Hassabi broadens her conversation on the expectations of viewership, addressing the ways in which dance and the spectacle of performance are presented within the theater space. Using slowness and stillness as technique, the choreography oscillates between dance and sculpture.

Two performances will take place at La Friche Belle en Mai in September 2018 in partnership with L’Officina- Dansem Festival dedicated to artists of the Mediterranean area. Masterclasses will be organized with the artists addressing young emerging local artists.



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