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The goals of FUSED: French U.S. Exchange in Dance are to foster dialogue, strengthen professional relationships, and spark creative artistry through meaningful exchanges in the partner countries.

Between 2004 and 2015, FUSED has introduced choreographers and performers whose works had never or rarely been seen in the partner country. It has contributed to building numerous partnerships between French and American presenters and artists, enabling innovative collaborations and cultural exchange. It has also been instrumental in reaching out to new audiences in both countries. (link to past grantees).

FUSED has distributed more than $1,500,000 supporting artistic projects as well as curatorial research trips in the United States and France.

In 2016, NEFA and FACE launched an evaluation of the program since its inception in addition to supporting curatorial research trips and a limited number of artistic projects that explored potential new directions for FUSED.

In 2017, FUSED invites applications to support artistic projects based on the following guidelines:

• U.S. organizations should submit an application through NEFA requesting up to $15,000

• French organizations should submit an application through FACE requesting up to $15,000


Artistic Projects



Next Application Deadline:
Spring 2018 - To Be Announced



FUSED will prioritize projects (presentation and/or residency) that involve new artistic collaborations between choreographers and artists from other disciplines such as composers, musicians, visual artists, designers, and performers with multifaceted backgrounds and influences. Collaborative projects must include artists based in the U.S. and France collaborating together to explore new practices.

Special attention will be given to projects that are an outcome of a curatorial research trip conducted in 2015-2016 and supported by FUSED.

The residency or performance(s) should make a significant impact on the artist(s), the organization, and/or the community, for example by:

  • Introducing an artist whose work has never previously been seen in the partner country;
  • Enabling artists from the partner countries to collaborate with an artist or group of artists for the first time, including artists from other disciplines;
  • Bringing an artist into a community for the first time to conduct extensive activities with the public.
  • FUSED grants may support up to 50% of the artist’s fee, including housing, per diem, travel, and visa expenses, but cannot exceed $15,000.

    The applicant organization must demonstrate a clear and significant financial commitment toward the project (individual performer or company). In-kind donations such as space in case of residencies must be specified.

    Individual artists and companies are not eligible to apply, even if represented by a fiscal sponsor.

    U.S. nonprofit organization working with French artists should apply through NEFA. French artists must either be French citizens or resident in France for a minimum of five years.

    French organizations (with the status of association à but non lucratif) such as a theater, museum, or festival working with U.S. artists can apply through FACE. U.S. artists must be either a U.S. citizen or resident in the U.S. for a minimum of five years; U.S. artists currently based in countries other than the U.S. are not eligible for this program.

    Prior to the deadline, organizations should contact FACE to ensure the eligibility of the artist or company for whom they wish to apply.




    Sara Nash
    Program Manager, National Dance Project at NEFA

    FACE Foundation

    Nicole Birmann Bloom
    Program Officer, Performing Arts
    Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.




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