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Making French an asset for new Americans.

Summer Camp 2006

Every Friday of July, 12 students participated in our first summer camp program that helped them continue working on French language skills while enjoying a wide range of activities including: arts and crafts projects; cultural workshop with Francophone Fulbright students from Metro International; French films: viewing and discussion; visits to the Metropolitan Museum and the United Nations; Scrabble competition. On Sunday, July 16th, the students alos contributed their booth at the French Institute-Alliance Française’s Bastille Day, held yearly on the occasion of France’s National Day.


The students craft their interpretation of a "Bastille 2006" to display on FIAF's Bastille Day (July 7th). The week after, the students visited the Metropolitan Museum to view works of art that were painted or sculpted during the Revolutionary period.
Bastille Day on 60th Street in Manhattan (July 16th).
The public theater performance that concluded the two-week intensive program for teenagers at the French Institute-Alliance Française (July 21st). In the morning, the students met two Metro International college students from Niger and France for a lively discussion about living and studying abroad and about Francophonie and higher education.
The students write texts that will be sent to the United Nations Cyberschoolbus, an initiative that is part of the UN’s “Millenium Development Goals” program. The UN Cyberschoolbus calls for children from around the world to participoate by sending their views about the major issues, poverty, war, poor education, and proposing solutions. (July 28th).
The students listen to their French-speaking tour guide in the UN Security Council.

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