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Supporting French-American Cultural Exchange in Education and the Arts


Building on its experience in the classroom, innovative teaching resources and trusted community know-how, the program has developed over the past six years strong ties with major research institutions across the United States, including with specialized research centers such as the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) (Washington, D.C.), the National Heritage Language Resource Center (NHLRC) at UCLA (Los Angeles, California), and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Several times a year, our coordinator and board president also participate in regional or national language conferences such as FLENJ, NECTFL, or ACTFL, to share resources and pedagogical methods with teachers and administrators. We regularly conduct surveys towards our populations and share results with other heritage language programs in America. In Fall 2011, The FHLP coordinator was appointed French Language Representative for the Heritage Alliance at the Center for Applied Linguistics, thus adding to the academic recognition and influence of our program. FHLP is also a member of an ACTFL Special Interest Group focusing on the teaching of heritage languages.

After taking part in several national research conferences, the Program initiated its first research conference on November 5th 2011 in New York. This event brought together teachers, students, academics, scientists and community leaders to debate heritage language learning and its ability to promote social cohesion among youth at school and beyond in the United States. All panels’ interventions are available for viewing on our website and YouTube Channel.

The French Heritage Language Program also contributes to other aspects of scholarly research, and to the design of language assessment and curricular activities for the teaching of French as a heritage language. Please visit our Teaching Resources page for example of materials and cultural projects used in our classrooms.


Research & Publication

Ross, J.; Jaumont, F.; Schulz, J.; Ducrey, L.; Dunn, J. “Sustainability of French Heritage Language Education in the United States” in Peter P. Trifonas and Thermistoklis Aravossitas (editors) International Handbook on Research and Practice in Heritage Language Education. (Springer, 2017 tbc).

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Ross, J. & Jaumont, F. 2012. “Building Bilingual Com

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Refereed Articles

Jaumont, F. & Ross J. “Les Communautés Francophones aux Etats-Unis” in Revue Québec Français. October 2014.

Ross, J. & Jaumont, F. “French Heritage Language Vitality in the United States.” Heritage Language Journal. Volume 9. Number 3. Fall 2013.


Recent and upcoming conferences with the French Heritage Language Program

ACTFL 2014
November 21-23, 2014, San Antonio, Texas, presenting with the Center for Applied Linguistics, the French Embassy in the United States, and the Heritage Language Special Interest Group.

2014 NHLRC Conference
2nd International Conference on Heritage/Community Languages
(March 7-8, 2014), Los Angeles, California.
The FHLP will take part in 3 panel presentations with the Center for Applied Linguistics.

ACTFL 2013
November 22-24, 2013, Orlando, Florida, presenting with the Center for Applied Linguistics, the French Embassy in the United States, and the Heritage Language Special Interest Group.

"One language, many cultures"
May 8th 2013, SUNY Global center, New York. This conference aims at promoting the teaching and learning of French in New York and reflecting on the richness and diversity of Francophone cultures.

The National Immigrant Integration Conference
(Baltimore, Sep 22-25), presenting within the "We are America" track with our colleagues from the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)

"Living with two languages: the benefits of being bilingual"
This conference will discuss and explore, via multiple fields and perspectives, the concept of “vivre bilingue” (being bilingual). It will share French and North American perspectives from experts in bilingualism, psychology, psychiatry, linguistics, nutrition, multiculturalism and education on the advantages of living with two languages. FHLP premieres “Je suis qui je suis” exhibit!

ACTFL 2012
Philadelphia, Nov 15-19, presenting within the Heritage Language Special Interest Group:

Hope to see you there!

Download the complete list of FHLP contributions to research here


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