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Teach in a French Dual-Language program!

Deadline for application: December 1st

The Société des Professeurs de Français et Francophones d'Amérique and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy are pleased to announce a new scholarship program for qualified graduate students enrolled in a Master’s program in French Bilingual Education.

Need for Teachers
The current demand for Bilingual French Teachers creates an unprecedented opportunity for students who study Bilingual Education to have numerous job opportunities available to them once they become certified bilingual teachers. There are currently six elementary schools and two middle schools in the New York City Public School System with Dual-Language Programs. This demand is only expected to grow in the near future, creating endless opportunities for qualified and enthusiastic studentsteachers.


Teacher’s Requirements
(for French-English Dual- Language Teachers in NYC):

• Proper documentation to work in the United States
• New York State Teaching Certification (out-of-state certifications must be transferrable)
• Bilingual Extension Teaching Certification
• Fluency in both French and English


About the Scholarship

There are several $5,000 scholarships available, made possible by generous donations from the Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones d'Amérique, the Embassy of France, NewYorkinFrench.net, and individual donors. These scholarships are for candidates enrolled in Master’s or Certificate Program in Bilingual Education who plan on teaching in a French-English Dual-Language Program in NYC after obtaining their degree and/or certifications.

Please direct all questions and inquiries to education@frenchculture.org

Application requirements

• Must show proof of acceptance into a Bilingual Education Master’s or Certificate leading to NY State certification in French-English Dual- Language education within two months after application deadline.
• Must be eligible to teach in a Dual- Language Program after graduation (see Teacher’s Requirements)
• Personal statement (in French) answering the following question: Pourquoi souhaitez-vous enseigner dans les classes bilingues de NY ? • Undergraduate transcript (unofficial)
• Letter of recommendation (in French preferred)

Deadline: December 1st
Please send all application materials to education@frenchculture.org



Fabrice JAUMONT, PhD
Program Officer

Tel: 212 439 1436



FACE Foundation

972 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10075