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Supporting French-American Cultural Exchange in Education and the Arts



DLP Brochure in Creole [PDF]
DLP Brochure in Bambara [PDF]
DLP Brochure in English [PDF]
DLP Brochure in French [PDF]
DLP Brochure in Pulaar [PDF]
DLP Brochure in Wolof [PDF]

Road Map to creating a DLP

If you are considering the creation of a dual-language program in a NYC school the Road Map [PDF] can become a very useful tool to organize your next steps. The Road Map was prepared by the Downtown/Midtown parent groups.


- The Development of Bilingual Classes in NYC Public Schools [PDF]
- Le développement des classes bilingues dans les écoles publiques
de New York

Scholarship Brochure [PDF]

Hunter College Master’s Programs [PDF]



Fabrice JAUMONT, PhD
Program Officer

Tel: 212 439 1436



FACE Foundation

972 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10075