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Hunter College Master's Program in Bilingual Education

Hunter College, New York City

Based in New York City, Hunter College has offered the Master’s in Bilingual Education for Spanish-speaking teacher-candidates since 1983 as well a bilingual extension for those who already hold New York State teacher certification. Due to a great interest in French dual-language teaching programs, the faculty at Hunter College School of Education has added a French track to its Bilingual Education programs.

These outstanding bilingual teacher preparation programs are dedicated to developing skilled, knowledgeable, caring teachers who will provide meaningful schooling experiences to English language learners. The core beliefs that guide the program include (a) additive bilingualism as a desired goal for learners, (b) diversity viewed as a strength upon which to build learning, (c) assessment of cognition, first and second language development and socio-emotional learning as a measure of student growth, and, (d) families and communities as a source of strength and knowledge in the development of children as learners.

Entry into the programs include interviews and on-site writing in Spanish/French and English to ensure proficiency in both languages. The programs provide a supportive and caring environment for the teacher candidates. The program components and students’ collaborative experiences in the program enable teacher candidates to develop the knowledge, skills, and understandings needed to provide equitable and excellent teaching and learning for English language learners.

Teachers who successfully complete the French track of the Master’s in Childhood or Early Childhood Bilingual Education will be eligible to apply for teaching positions in New York City’s French dual language programs. Upon graduation, students will be recommended for certification in Early Childhood or Childhood Education in addition to the Bilingual Extension – French.

Teachers who have initial or professional certification in Early Childhood Education or Childhood Education and want to teach in bilingual programs may apply for the Advanced Certificate in Bilingual Extension.


Three Streams

Master’s in Childhood Education - French (34-52 credits)
For students who do not have Childhood Education certification, were not an education major as an undergraduate, and have never taught. Leads to NYS certification in: Childhood Education Grades 1-6, and Bilingual Extension - French

Master’s in Early Childhood Education - French (34-52 credits)
For students who do not have Early Childhood Education certification, were not an education major as an undergraduate, and have never taught. Leads to NYS certification in: Early Childhood Education Birth-Grade 2, and Bilingual Extension - French

Advanced Certificate in Bilingual Elementary Education - French
(14 credits) For students who have childhood or early childhood certification and need bilingual education certification, or students who are seeking certification in another field and need bilingual certification. Leads to: NYS certification in: Bilingual Extension - French


Admisssion Requirements for both Master's

1 • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
2 • A liberal arts or sciences major or interdisciplinary concentration of at least 30 credits
3 • A general core in the liberal arts and sciences distributed as follows: 9 credits in math and science with at least one course in math and one course in science (a college course in calculus meets 6 credits of this requirement); 6 credits in English including one course in English composition with a grade of B plus a writing intensive course in any discipline with a grade of a B or better; 6 credits in social studies (of which one course must be in history or geography); 3 credits in the arts; and 3 credits in information retrieval (library studies, research, computer literacy, or educational technology).
4 • Completion of a satisfactory writing sample in English and in French
5 • An on-site writing sample in English and in French and an interview.


Admission Requirements for the Advanced Certificate

1 • A master’s degree with an overall GPA of at least 3.5 from an accredited institution acceptable to Hunter College or a bachelor’s degree with an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and NYS teacher certification. (initial, permanent or professional certification).
2 • An on-site writing sample and an interview in English and in French.
3 • Two letters of recommendation, including one from a supervisor.

Detailed information about each program, including admission requirements, is available here.

Further information regarding graduate admissions is available here.


Who is an international student?

- Those who completed the majority of their undergraduate studies outside the U.S.
- Prospective students who are U.S. citizens or residents, but completed 60 or more credits of undergraduate studies in a foreign country must apply as an international student.



For further information about the program, please contact:

Program Coordinator: Brian A. Collins, PhD
Bilingual Program Coordinator Department of Curriculum and Teaching Hunter College, CUNY
695 Park Avenue, W949
New York, NY 10065



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