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Supporting French-American Cultural Exchange in Education and the Arts

Benefits of Bilingualism

The French-English Dual Language Programs prepare children for their future academic and professional careers starting at a young age. There are many proven benefits to speaking two or more languages at a young age. Bilingualism increases mental flexibility for children, as they have two or more words for a single object, concept or idea. Children who study a second language score higher on verbal standardized tests, and perform better in math and logic skills than children who speak only one language. Learning a second language also helps children build self-esteem, creativity, problem-solving skills and math ability. Bilingual children also develop sensitivity toward other people and cultures while maintaining a strong sense of their own identity. Looking ahead to the future of these young bilingual children, students who are fluent in French are more competitive for academic and career opportunities worldwide.

Speaking French is not a requirement for Anglophone parents. The Dual Language Programs welcome all families interested in the French language—regardless of their own personal experience. With 220 million French-speakers worldwide throughout about 50 nations, learning French is not only an academic asset but also a passport to the world.



Fabrice JAUMONT, PhD
Program Officer

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