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Previous Grantees

2016 / 2017

New 42nd Street Studio
New York, NY

Le Clan des Songes - Marina Montefusco (Puppetry)
May 11-22, 2016

The New 42nd Street Studio / The New Victory Theater will present 20 performances of the children’s production Cité by the French puppetry company, Le Clan des Songes, in May 2016. Previously invited by The New Victory in 2013 to present their work Fragile, the company created Cité as a direct result of their stay in New York, a vibrant, poetic performance for the very young. To a soundtrack of whimsical original music, a small man chases the sun as it darts between the tops of towers, and a city comes alive in fun and surprising ways. Inspired by the contemporary art of New York-based painter Evsa Model, this wordless work is an enthralling exploration of shape, color and shadow puppetry.


Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
New York, NY

Yoann Bourgeois
October 5-8, 2016

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), as part of the 2016 Next Wave Festival, will present the U.S. debut of the acrobat Yoann Bourgeois with his circus-inspired theater piece, Minuit, in October 2016. Minuit is composed of several short pieces: Fugue/Trampoline, Fugue/Table, La Balance de Lévité (Levitating Scales), and Mobile, punctuated by Les Paroles Impossibles (Impossible Speech) set to original music played live by Laure Brisa. Dance, juggling, acrobatics, and live music converge to explore the concept of what it all means through a variety of theatrical elements and games. Minuit is being presented as part of BAM’s Brooklyn-Paris Artist Exchange with Théâtre de la Ville, Paris.


Princeton University
Princeton, NY

French Theater Festival Seuls en scène
With Roland Auzet, Mohammed El Khatib, Anne Alvaro, Audrey Bonnet, Noé Soulier, David Lescot, Maelle Poesy, Kevin Keiss, Caroline Guiela Nguyen, et le Jeune Théâtre National
Sept 24-October 9, 2016

The fifth edition of the Princeton French Theater Festival Seuls en scène will present a number of diverse productions with emerging directors such Caroline Guiela Nguyen and Maelle Poesy, the latter with her recent rendition of Candide. Author and director Mohammed El Khatib will present mourir en beauté, a hit of the 2015 Avignon Festival Off. Roland Auzet, in collaboration with La muse en circuit will bring to the Princeton campus Bernard-Marie Koltès’s Solitude dans les champs de coton, with actresses Audrey Bonnet and Anne Alvaro; in this original production, each member of the audience will discover the text through headphones. Author-director David Lescot will show his moving production of Ceux qui restent.


CalArts Center for New Performance
Valencia, CA

The Gap
A French-American theatre project
Arnaud Meunier, Director, Comédie de St. Etienne
Alexandra Badea, Playwright; Aleshea Harris, Playwright; Charlotte Lagrange; Dramaturg.
October 2016 - April 2017

CalArts, Valencia, CA, in collaboration with Comédie de St-Etienne, under the leadership of the director Arnaud Meunier, will develop the French-American theater project The Gap in collaboration with professionals actors from the two institutions, and with the participation of French-Romanian author Alexandra Badea, the American playwright Aleshea Harris, and the dramatist Charlotte Le Grange in fall 2016 and spring 2017.


U.S. Tour of La mélancolie des dragons
Vivarium Studio – Philippe Quesne

The Kitchen (DBA Haleakala)
New York, NY
Jan 10-14, 2017

The Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, MN
Jan 26-28, 2017

Wexner Cetner for the Arts -
The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH
Jan 19-22, 2017

The Kitchen, New York, in collaboration with Under The Radar Festival, the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, and the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio, will join efforts to present the acclaimed production of La mélancolie des Dragons by Philippe Quesne in January 2017.

With an ingenious hand for reinventing the conventions of theater, Philippe Quesne smartly constructs La mélancolie des dragons into a work that celebrates the absurd and explores the profound joy of friendship. Although the production has previously toured internationally and the along the west coast of the United States, it will be the first time that Quesne’s large production comes to New York, Columbus and Minneapolis.

U.S. Tour of Dark Circus
Stereoptik - Romain Bermond and Jean-Baptiste Maillet

HERE Art Center - Dream Music Program
New York, NY
May 15-21, 2017

San Francisco International Festival of the Arts
San Francisco, CA
May 25-June 11, 2017

Two organizations, San Francisco International Festival for the Arts and HERE Art Center in New York, will present the U.S. debut of Company Stereoptik in performances of their latest production, Dark Circus, in May 2017.
Here Art Center will be hosting the company as part of its series, Dream Music Puppetry.

Dark Circus is a collaboration between Pef, renowned French author and illustrator of numerous children’s books, and Romain Bermond and Jean-Baptiste Maillet, both composers and visual artists with Company Stereoptik. In this sad circus, catastrophes pile up one after another. The aerialist crashes to the ground, the animal trainer is devoured by his lion, the human cannonball never returns from outer space. Luckily there’s a clumsy juggler to breathe a little color into the proceedings. If the circus is dark, the tone is light. Music and images accompany the action and the story is laced with poetic moments and a healthy dose of irony.


Spoleto USA Festival
Charleston, SC

Il n'est pas encore minuit
Compagnie XY
June 4-11, 2017

The Spoleto USA Festival will present the mesmerizing production Il n’est pas encore Minuit by the new circus group Company XY, renowned for their fierce and daredevil flying acrobats, as well as their ensemble work based on friendship and trust. These performances are part of a large tour in North America that will include several cities in the United States and Canada.


2015 / 2016

French Institute Allilance Francaise (FIAF)
Joris Lacoste

Suite No. 1 'ABC'


Philadelphia Fringe Festival DBA FringeArts
Joris Lacoste

Suite No. 1 'ABC'


On the Boards
Philippe Quesne

La Mélancolie des Dragons


Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Philippe Quesne

La Mélancolie des Dragons


Culture Mill
Company Lasko, Isabelle Elizéon, Frédéric Rebiére, and Sophie D’Orgeval


Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
Gisèle Vienne and Dennis Cooper

The Ventriloquists Convention

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)
Gisèle Vienne
and Dennis Cooper

The Ventriloquists Convention


The Public Theater / Under the Radar Festival
Antoine Defoort and Halory Goerger



Walker Art Center
Antoine Defoort and Halory Goerger


New York Live Arts, Inc.
Winter Family
(Ruth Rosenthal
and Xavier Klaine)

Jerusalem Cast Lead


NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
Camille Boitel



Begat Theater
Dion Doulis, Karin Holmström, and Erika Latta

La Disparition - version 2.0


Association Théâtre du Bout du Monde
Miguel Borras

From the Bronx to the Seine and Three Beggars and a Rich Man
by Louis Calaferte


New York Express 2 Festival

Annie Dorsen
Yesterday Tomorrow

Andrew Schneider

Le Maillon, théâtre de Strasbourg / Scène européenne

Théâtre Garonne

Théâtre de Genevilliers


2014 / 2015

New York Live Arts, Inc.

Gisèle Vienne


Princeton University Princeton
Festival Seuls en scène

Benjamin Lazar, Clément Hervieu-Leger, Loic Corbery, Audrey Bonnet, Daniel San Pedro, Arthur Nauzyciel, Xavier Gallais, Nicolas Bouchaud, Judith Henry, Nicolas Truong, Guillaume Ravoire.


Portland Institute of The Arts and On The Boards

L'amicale de production -
Halory Georger and Antoine Defoort

The Vivian Beaumont Theater, Inc.
The 2014 Directors Lab

Maelle Poesy

Lark Play Development Center
Marion Aubert's Debacles at HotInk festival

Marion Aubert

ThEAtre de la Ville
Tour in the US: San Francisco; Ann Arbor; New York; Chicago
Six Characters in Search of an Author by Pirandello, on tour in the U.S.: Cal Performances, CA; University of Musical Society (UMS), Ann Arbor, MI; Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY; and Ionesco Suite, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, IL

Emmanuel Demarcy Mota


Ecole de la ComEdie de St. Etienne

Aleshea Harris
(Author), Rachel Park (Director)

EPPGHV (Etablissement Public du Parc et de la Grande Halle de la Villette)
The Record

600 Highwaymen - Michael Silverstone and Abigail Browde

ThEAtre de la Marionnette (Le Mouffetard)

Basil Twist


2013 / 2014

American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco, CA
Project “Rendez vous de l’Infra Ordinaire” by Marion Aubert, playwright, Marion Guerrero, director, and Capucine Ducastelle, actress, in fall 2013

Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Ann Arbor, MI
Presentation of “Mobile Homme” by Transe Express at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival and at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in 2014.

Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York, NY
Project “Phèdre les oiseaux” by Frédéric Boyer, playwright, Jean-Baptiste Sastre, director, Ellen Hammer, dramaturg, and Hiam Abbass, lead actor, on May 21-29, 2013

French Institute Alliance Française, New York, NY
Project “Hot From Paris” with the presentation of “La Loi du marcheur” by Nicolas Bouchaud, “22H13” by Pierrick Sorin, and “Molly Bloom” by Anouk Grinberg in the 2013/2014 season

Lincoln Center Theater / The Vivian Beaumont Theater, Inc., New York, NY
Participation of the French playwright, Lancelot Hamelin, and the French director, Philippe Calvario, at the 2013 Directors Lab

New York Live Arts, Inc., New York, NY
Project “Disabled Theatre” by Jérôme Bel which will take place in November 2013

New York Theatre Workshop, New York, NY
Project “Je Tremble (3)” by Joël Pommerat which will take place in April – May 2014

Performa, New York, NY
Project “Bivouac” by Philippe Quesne which will take place on November 1-24, 2013

Playwrights Foundation, San Francisco, CA
Project “Des Voix… Found In Translation: Deux” that will present three of the following six finalists: Gustave Akapko, Julien Mabiala Bissila, Frederic Sontag, Christophe Honoré, Lucie Depauw, and Pauline Sales, on March 21-23, 2014

Ecole de la Comédie de Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne
Project “Waiting for the Flood,” a residency of Carey Perloff at the Ecole de la Comédie de Saint-Etienne in November 2013

EPCC Arts 276, Festival Automne en Normandie, Rouen
Presentation of “In the Pony Palace / Football” and “Seagull (Thinking of you)” by Tina Satter from November 13 to 22, 2013

Le Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg, Scène Européenne, Strasbourg
Project “New York Express in Strasbourg,” with the presentation of three productions: "Seagull (Thinking of you)" by Tina Satter, "Vision Disturbance" by Christina Masciotti / Richard Maxwell, and "Bronx Gothic" by Okwui Okpokwasili, in April 2014

Maison Antoine Vitez – Centre international de la traduction Théâtrale, Paris
Project “Des Voix… Found In Translation / The French Act” that will present the works of three American playwrights: Liz Duffy Adams, Marcus Gardely, and Rajiv Joseph in Paris in the 2013 / 2014 season

Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil / Centre dramatique national, Montreuil
Presentation of “Life and Times Episodes 1-2-3-4” by the Nature Theater of Oklahoma on November 6-9, 2013

T2G – National Dramatic Center for Contemporary Creation, Gennevilliers
Project “New York Express in Gennevilliers,” with the presentation of three productions: "Seagull (Thinking of you)" by Tina Satter, "Vision Disturbance" by Christina Masciotti / Richard Maxwell, and "Bronx Gothic" by Okwui Okpokwasili, in Spring 2014

Théâtre Garonne, Toulouse
Project “New York Express in Toulouse,” with the presentation of three productions: "Seagull (Thinking of you)" by Tina Satter, "Vision Disturbance" by Christina Masciotti / Richard Maxwell, and "Bronx Gothic" by Okwui Okpokwasili, in Spring 2014

2012 / 2013

Teatro de la comedia
San Juan, PR
July 1st - September 30th, 2012
"Le projet H.L.A." by Nicolas Fretel (Author), Rafael Acevedo (Director).
Venue: Theatre Victoria Espinosa, SJ

The Vivian Beaumont Theater
New York, NY
July 9-28, 2012
Thomas Blanchard (Director) at Directors' Lab.

New York Theater Workshop
New York, NY
August 2012
"Je Tremble 3" (temporary title) by Joel Pommerat at New York Theater Workshop and Darmouth College.


French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF)
New York, NY
August 9-19 (res) ; October 1-9 (res) October 10-14, 2012 (Perf.)
Crossing the line festival 2012
"Closing of Love" (Clôture de l'Amour) by Pascal Rambert (author and director); Kate Moran (actress and translator).
Venue: Performing Garage or Baryshnikov Arts Center (TBC).


National Jewish Theater Foundation, Coral Gables
Coral Gables, FL
September 10-23, 2012
"Toujours l'Orage" (Storms Still) by Enzo Cormann (Author), Arnold Mittelman (Director), Guila Clara Kessous (translator) . Venue: Lark Play Development Center, New York.


Brooklyn Academy of Music
New York, NY
November 9-10, 2012
"Sans Objet" by Aurélien Bory-Company 111. Venue: BAM Opera House.


Theatre de Genevilliers
Genevilliers, France - Los Angeles, CA
December 2012-May 2013
"A micro-history of the World Economic, Danced" by Pascal Rambert (Director).


The New 42nd Street
New York, NY
April 15-28 (1st company) 22 - May 12 (2nd company), 2013
"Fragile" by Clan des Songes and "Le Grand C" by Company X,Y.
Venues:New Victory and Duke Studios.

Wax Factory
New York, NY
May 2-4, 2013
"Hidden Stories / Histoires cachées" by Begat Theater and Wax Factory, part of the mars2bklyn Festival.


Spoleto Festival
Charleston, NC
May 24-June 9, 2013
"Le Grand C" by Company X,Y.



Nicole Birmann Bloom
Program Officer

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