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French Artists/Companies
In the United States


Water Fools (Fous de basin)
by Compagnie Ilotopie
Open Scene Festival, Orlando, FL

August 24-September 1st, 2019

The first edition of the outdoors festival Open Scene in Orlando, FL, will present Water Fools by French company Ilotopie, renowned for its intervention in public spaces and on the water since early 80s. With Water Fools, the element of water whether it is a lake, a sea or a river, will become a new field of experimentation for the imagination. The performance will take place on Lake Eola, a landmark of the city of Orlando, as the closing event of the festival.
"If Lewis Carroll had turned his absurdist vision to street arts, teaming up with Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch, he might have come up with Fous de Bassin (Water Fools), a strange, dreamy, floating spectacle created by French company ilotopie, who literally walk on water. It is a beautiful vision of hell."
Lyn Gardner - The Guardian

by Compagnie Les Plasticiens Volants
ArtPark, Lewinston, NY

August 24, 2019

The U.S. premiere of Les Plasticiens Volants street theatre production Pearl (Perle) will take place in the unique setting of Artpark, a public space located on the Niagara Gorge, Lewinston.
Established in 1978, Les Plasticiens Volants is a street theater company practicing a unique technique of creating and operating giant hand-made inflatable puppetry, rarely explored in the U.S. Pearl as all other productions by Les Plasticiens Volants, merges street theatre, visual arts, digital projections, sound effects and nature in an awe-inspiring story.


Caribbean Theatrical Actions – Playwrights from the Caribbean
Compagnie Sijay, Guadeloupe
CUNY - Martin E-Segal Center, New York

Fall 2020

The Martin E. Segal Theater Center, New York, will present the second phase of Actions Caribéennes Théâtrales (ACT) in early December 2019. With a network of universities (Harvard Princeton U., SUNY Buffalo…) as well as New York based directors and actors, the 2-day event include staged readings of six plays translated in English of emerging and established authors with panels of discussion. The publication, an anthology of the plays by the Segal Center, will follow.

The six plays and authors part of the programs are :
- Charlotte Boimare & Magali Solignat, Black Bird, 2017
- Luc Saint-Eloy, Trottoir chagrin, 2002
- Jean-René Lemoine, L’Adoration, 2003
- Guy Régis Junior, De toute la terre le grand effarement, 2011
- Daniely Francsique, Ladjablès, 2015
- Gaël Octavia, Une vie familiale, 2008


The Night of the Moles (Welcome to Caveland)
Philippe Quesne
NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, New York, NY

September12-14, 2019

NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts will present the U.S. Premiere of The Night of the Moles (Welcome to Caveland) by Philippe Quesne, September 12-14, 2019; It includes a parade through Washington Square Park (Parade of the Moles), a family-friendly performance (Afternoon of the Moles), and two evening performances (Night of the Moles).
Philippe Quesne, the present artistic director at Nanterre-Amandiers theatre, has created performances and installations that function like ecosystems where the performers and audience explore the dynamics within a community.


Radio Live - AurElie Charon & Caroline Gillet
Rituel 4 - Le Grand DEbat - Emilie Rousset and Louise Hemon
Le Marteau et la Faucille -Julien Gosselin
Seuls en scEne Festival at Princeton University & Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton, NJ

September 2019

The 8th edition of the festival Seuls en Scène at Princeton U. will present several artists and performances making headlines in France today:
- Aurélie Charon and Caroline Gillet / Radio Live: With traditional radio interviews, performances and live drawings by graphic artists Amélie Bonnin, tell the stories of young adults from different countries of the world.
- Emilie Rousset and film-maker Louise Hémon /Rituel 4 - Le Grand Débat: A recreation of a televised debate for presidential elections using archive materials, it explores the theatrical potential between original document and its representation.
- Julien Gosselin / Le Marteau et la Faucille: Adapted from Don DeLillo’s novel, Le Marteau et la Faucille is part of the second intermission of the ten-hour show presented at Festival d'Avignon and Festival d'Automne in 2018.

by Eva Doumbia
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

After a first exploratory visit, Tulane U. invites director/author Eva Doumbia for the development of the theater performance Autophagies. The project transforms a kitchen into a ritualized performance space for the political history and symbolism of food production: giving homage to those whose cultures and lives were erased in the process of establishing the crops we rely on; and recognizing that we are all responsible for what was sacrificed on the altar of globalization.
The project involves the campus community of Tulane University, the diverse food communities of New Orleans, and archives, libraries, museums and community centers for local food history and practices for a vibrant conversation about food, diversity and Afro-Caribbean colonial history of New Orleans.


by Fabrice Melquiot
directed Paul Desveaux
Compagnie L’heliotrope
Performance Space for the 21st Century Chatham, NY

October 4-5, 2019

The play Pollock, written by Fabrice Melquiot for two actors dwells in a post-mortem dream space inhabited by Pollock and Krasner. This play might be called "a contemporary tragedy", but, underlying such a classification is one fundamental inquiry: the question of artistic creation. It is impossible to fully understand the brilliance and madness of Jackson Pollock without studying his marriage to Lee Krasner, a talented artist in her own right. Translated from the French by Miriam Heard and Kenneth Casler, and directed by Paul Desveaux, the U.S. version which premiered at Abrons Arts Center, New York in February 2018, includes actors Jim Fletcher as Jackson Pollock and Michelle Stern as Lee Krasner.


Hidden Stories
by Begat Theater
La Jolla Playhouse- WOW Festival

October 17-20, 2019

Playhouse’s Without Walls (WOW) festival will present Hidden Stories, a production by the French theatre company Begat in October 2019. Begat’s site-specific performance blends itself into the urban landscape. Supplied with headphones, audiences view four disparate slices of life, four separate yet parallel stories. The audience follows these characters, slipping into their heads and delving into their deepest secrets.
Begat’s Hidden Stories will stop in Portland, OR, then continue La Jolla, CA


History of Violence
written by Edouard Louis
directed by Thomas Ostermeier
St. Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY

November-December 2019

St. Ann’s Warehouse will present the American premiere of French writer Edouard Louis’ moving autobiographical memoir History of Violence in the fall of 2019. Adapted for the stage by Louis from his novel and directed by Thomas Ostermeier of Berlin’s Schaubühne Theatre, its telling uncovers the racism, homophobia and obscure power structures deeply rooted in society.
St. Ann’s, Schaubühne, Théâtre de la Ville Paris, and Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles joined forces to commission and co-produce the world premiere in Berlin and tour it to New York, Paris and Brussels.


by David Lescot
Compagnie du Kairos, Paris
New Ohio Theater, New York

April 2020

Dough (Mon Fric) written and directed by David Lescot in a translation by Chris Campbell is a choral text with a frantic and hectic rhythm which addresses our relationship with money while it crosses different stages of life from early childhood to adulthood.
Presented by New Ohio Theater, in collaboration with Compagnie du Kairos, Dough is performed by three American actors as part of New Ohio’s initiative focusing on the international exchanges of plays, productions, and artists and directly reaches young people and family audiences.


5e Hurlants
by RaphaElle Boitel and Nao, Nao
by Le Vent des Forges
The New Victory Theater, NY

May – June 2020

The New Victory Theater renowned of its programming for young audiences and families will present two companies from France: 5es Hurlants by Raphaëlle Boitel, Compagnie L’Oubliée, and Nao, Nao by Le Vent des Forges 5e Hurlants, a theatrical, choreographic tribute to the circus arts shows the ability to persevere with five artists train in hoop, acrobatics, straps, juggling and wire. Nao Nao for the little ones age 2-4 uses a stage and puppets made of raw clay to tell the story of a tender, rebellious toddler and his parents.



American Artists/Companies
In France


by Naomi Wallace
DIRECETED BY Tommy Milliot
Festival d’Avignon – In

July 17-23, 2019

The Avignon Festival 2019 will present the world premiere of La Brèche (The MacAlpine Spillway) by American playwright Naomi Wallace directed by French director Tommy Milliot, Compagnie Man Haast. Translated from English to French by Dominique Hollier, the story takes place somewhere in the suburbs of a city in Kentucky. It follows four young teens in 1977, and then, fourteen years later. In the meantime, tragedy took place. Alternating between past and present, and following the structure of the play, Tommy Milliot will work with two casts of actors, teens and adults, for this production.


Silence and Fear
directed by David Geselson
Compagnie Lieux-dits

ThEAtre de Lorient (CDN)
With French and U.S. actors
2019-2020 (premiere in January 2020)

Director and author David Geselson from Compagnie Lieux-dits and Théâtre de Lorient have joined to create and produce a new theater project, Silence and Fear (working title) inspired by the life of vocalist, composer and activist Nina Simone. The production will examine her life and recount parts of the African-American history rarely told in France. Composed of a diverse artistic team from the two sides of the Atlantic ocean and directed by David Geselson, the story has been developed collectively creating a nuanced story in relation to civil rights, activism, arts, and wounds of the past that are still resonate today.


Cultural Diaspora: Residency of African playwrights in the United States
African-American playwrights from the U.S. Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France


The African playwrights, part of the 2018 program of The Cultural Diaspora-Camargo Foundation-- Zainabu Jallo, Blessing Hungwe, Osofinsan Femi, and Bode Asiyanbi -- will join the African-American playwrights France-Luce Benson,; Kara Lee Corthron; Genevieve Jessee, and Kimberly C. Ellis, for two follow-up events in the United States.



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