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Supporting French-American Cultural Exchange in Education and the Arts

Mission Statement

• To further international understanding by fostering French American cultural exchange and supporting contemporary creative work in the arts and education.

• To develop and support relationships between professionals in all creative fields, and to encourage collaborative projects between cultural and educational institutions.

• To combine the strengths of both the French and American systems of supporting the arts and education in one common initiative:
- French public support features long-term financial commitments and draws on FACE’s partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy
- American private support from partner foundations, corporate and individual giving which made possible by the independence and private nature of FACE and its administrative structure.

FACE Foundation operates under the authority ofa Board of Trustees and is managed by an Executive Director, with professional and logistical support from the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. Its activities are based on the principle of reciprocity and its support is directed to French artists in the U.S. and American artists in France.

To enhance FACE’s responsiveness to the needs of the arts and educational communities in the U.S. and France, each program benefits from the guidance of an independent and prestigious program committee. The program committees make recommendations of grants to be distributed, provide general artistic and intellectual orientation, and ultimately serve as cultural ambassadors, encouraging new collaborations in their respective fields.


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FACE Foundation

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